Zodiac Fate

by R.C. Luna

He’s the enemy I can’t resist – but fate has other plans.

Unlike other twenty-year olds, I see a mysteriously creepy shadow and hear the ear-piercing sounds of the dead. Beaten and bullied my whole life by my mafia outcast father, I hide in the shadows. But never in my feral dreams did I think I would become a shifter.

While searching for the missing shaman supposed to take me through the Zodiac Gates to the Aries Academy, I train to become a soldier fall into the arms of a powerful man who makes my body rage with desire.

Only he has a deadly, hidden secret that could either lead me to my destiny or my undoing.

But the clock is ticking and the stars are calling. Will I shift before the deadline, or lose myself to the darkness?

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Category: Paranormal Romance