Coming Home: A Sweet Small Town Romance

by Leeanna Morgan

Mia Costas is a successful artist, not an event planner. Agreeing to help stage a charity gala is the last thing she needs, but it’s for a good cause and she doesn’t want to let her friends down. When she realizes how important the event is, she knows she’s not the best person for the job—and so will the director of the hospital if he discovers who she is.

Stan Lewis, the Director of Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, needs to organize the biggest fundraising event Montana has ever seen. An event staging company could be the answer to all his problems or create more than he ever imagined.

With the hopes of more than one child resting on their shoulders, Stan and Mia work together to create a night no one will forget. And maybe, if they let themselves believe in the power of love, they can create a little magic of their own.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Captive of Wolves

by Eva Chase

After years of torment in captivity, Talia is rescued by four eerily gorgeous fae men who swear to protect her. But a curse holds all fae kind in its grasp, and only Talia’s blood can heal them. Can a human woman claim a new chance at life and love among the savage fae—or will her saviors’ castle become just as much a prison as her cage was?

Bound to the Fae is a steamy fantasy romance series featuring possessive shifters, dangerous fae politics, and a wounded heroine discovering her strength.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Knocked Up by the Beast: A Mafia Romance

by Aria R. Blue

I used to believe in fairy tales.
And then I met him.

They call him the Beast.

Cold, calculating eyes watched my every move.

He pushed me up against the walls of his castle, and growled against my neck that he owned me now.

But beneath the savage, I glimpsed a man.

I gave myself to him.

I let him dominate every inch of my curves and glimpse every corner of my heart.

When it was his turn to do the same, it all went dark.

I get a peek into his real world for the first time—a world of ruthless killers and heartless criminals.

His baby grows inside me as long-buried secrets start to unravel—each of them more devastating than the last.

Real intentions surface.

I discover that everything I once believed to be true is really a lie.

There are no such things as fairy tales.

And only time will tell if I dodged a bullet or made the biggest mistake of my life.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


My Cone and Only

by Susannah Nix

Andie has been crushing on her brother’s best friend Wyatt since they were kids, but he’s never looked twice at her before. When he lends his handyman skills to fix up the house she inherited, an accidental kiss changes everything… A “tempting, decadent, and sweet” small town series starter (Publishers Weekly starred review).

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Blood Rogue

by Linda J. Parisi

There is the blood and can only ever be the blood. So, how will love survive in a world of pain?

Vampire Charles Tower never knew anything sweeter than the taste of Stacy Morgan’s lips.

He never imagined anything crueler than her being marked for death by the only father he’s ever known.

Mikhail reared him. Taught him how to survive. Now he’s gone rogue and it’s up to Charles to put the man down.

But can he convince himself, and Stacy, that love between them is impossible?
That’s hard to do with a woman like her, especially when she offers herself up as bait.

Now they must fight against the centuries-old customs that bar them from being together and the rogue vampire who wants every last drop of Stacy’s blood.

If you like Richelle Mead, Ilona Andrews, or K.F. Breene, you’ll love this vampire paranormal romance!

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Category: Paranormal Romance



by Portia Moore

Love is something I’ve always been afraid of so I guarded myself from it. When I met Kam he changed everything. He smashed down the walls I had so carefully constructed around myself. He illuminated a world I didn’t think could ever be possible for me, that the dream I protected could become a reality. But Kam doesn’t know that my walls are up for a reason.

When I met Alana, I wanted her from the moment I saw her. Tight black material hugged every curve of her body. She stood on heels sharp enough to slit a throat. Plump red lips…it was like she was straight out of Maxim—any man’s fantasy—but behind the sex appeal, smart mouth, and edginess…is something else. And I plan to peel back every single layer to find out what.

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Category: Erotic Romance


The Lady in the Red Shawl

by Nicolle Vaughn

Dishonorably discharged, former Army Ranger William Hartmann, has been home from war for years now tormented by the daily life of a man who was asked to kill at the expense of his own humanity.

Highly trained in predatory hunting, Will’s mission to seek thrill and retribution continues without pause until he is drawn to a medic’s group invitation. Desperate to have one night surrounded by other veterans, he attends and finds himself unprepared for the contrast in beliefs he finds living and breathing in the mind of the short, blonde, beautiful combat veteran standing at the coffee station.

Too intrigued to leave her alone, will Vivian change the projectory of Will’s post-war existence? Or will he drag her down into his hell?

An erotic thriller filled with sex, torture, murder, and romance seen through the minds of elite military veterans trapped by the war they lived through.

The Lady in the Red Shawl, Book 1 of a 2-book series

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance