All Because of You

by Theresa Paolo

After discovering her future fiancé is a two-timing jerk, Olivia Green leaves the city to move back with her parents in the small town of Morgan’s Bay. When an unexpected meeting on the train turns into a steamy summer romance, she has a chance at a forever love, but only if she can open her heart to a man with a secret of his own.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Tamed By Bartenders

by L.A. Laroche

Would she dare…?

A waitress at Luckies Bar received an unexpected proposition from three bartenders she worked with for years. The men are interested in Lacie being shared by the three of them.

It’s a prospect she hadn’t considered…until now.

Lacie is introduced to a new world of pleasure by Chris, David, and James. Together, they explore her limits and expand her horizons and the beginning of a fulfilling relationship.

How far will the four of them go?

This is a story stuffed with depraved group acts for mature audiences only. If that’s not your thing, move along.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


Love Where You Work Boxed Set, Books 1-3

by Anna Pulley

In “Love Where You Work,” Clare Kolikov, a dedicated HR manager at a unique San Francisco startup, W;nkdIn, faces the challenge of balancing unconventional responsibilities with an unexpected attraction to her fashionable coworker, Julia Dawes. Workplace complications and a secret romance leave her torn between her career and love life.

“Pivot” showcases an uplifting queer romance between Paula Suarez, a hopeful designer, and Nita Funmaker, a bold journalist. Their chance meeting against a backdrop of cosplay events and divorce amendments culminates in comedic exploits, creating a fertile ground for burgeoning affections while leading them to confront undisclosed insecurities.

“Courtship” accompanies Reaux Briggs, a displaced drummer, on a voyage of personal growth and reconnection as she bumps into her former love, divorce lawyer Catherine “Fitz” Fitzgerald, on their mutual friend’s wedding cruise. Jointly steering through literal and emotional storms, they’re propelled to confront their shared history in their pursuit of love.

A heartwarming blend of humor, work, friendship, and unconventional love, this set offers an emotional rollercoaster for Casey McQuiston and Karelia Stetz-Waters fans. Its deep exploration of love in unexpected quarters renders it a joy to read and a promise of unforgettable characters.

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Category: LGBT Romance


The Questionable Acts of an American Gentleman

by Ramona Elmes

The wooing of the lady was just for his ruthless plan, nothing more or so he thought…

Lady Mercy never imagined an early morning chance encounter in Hyde Park with Jack Kincaide would tempt her to betray her betrothed. The mysterious American ignites a passion in Mercy that leads her to question the practical arrangement she made with her dear childhood friend, the Duke of Peyton. Would she really give it all up for Jack? What she doesn’t know is Jack has a shocking secret and their chance encounter is really the first step in his ruthless plan of revenge against the duke.

Jack is so close to getting his revenge. Still, he can’t deny his immediate connection with Mercy or his unexpected feelings for her that grow deeper as they continue to spend time together. The more time they spend together, the more Jack questions his ruthless choices and how Mercy will see them when his secret is revealed. Is he capable of being a better man? Can he walk away from his desire for revenge? As he questions his choices, his explosive secret is revealed, devastating Mercy and shocking all of London.

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Category: Historical Romance



by Haji Outlaw

A vaunted gunslinger must kill his former partner at the behest of a mysterious woman. A woman of a macabre nature that is intertwined with the deliciously erotic. This nature is on full display with her gunslinger, whom she portents to ride to Hell and beyond.

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Category: Western Romance


Lesbian Love Songs

by Lee Cushing

Girls that love girls – From the daughter of a powerful and rich sultan to a newly promoted police detective investigating a murder, these stories explore the love that two women share when they fall in love with each other

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Category: LGBT Romance