Captive: Beautiful Monsters Vol. 1

by Jex Lane

In this dark paranormal read, vampire Matthew falls into the clutches of High Lord General Tarrick, a powerful male incubus who devours sexual energy. Can Matthew win back his freedom — or will he become a prisoner of his own desires?

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Category: Paranormal Romance


by Giulia Lagomarsino

Sexy. Charming. Intelligent. He’s everything I could ever want in a man, but he would never go for a woman like me.
I’m broken, damaged after being held captive by a serial killer.
Panic attacks are the least of my worries. But I can’t help but want more with him. So, I made him a deal. Now he’s my therapy buddy and we have a friends-with-benefits relationship.
It’s a win-win.
Except that I want so much more.

From the moment I saw her, I wanted her.
From the moment I touched her, I knew she was mine.
Everyone thinks she’s broken, but I see the fighter inside. We made a deal, but I’m going to have to break it because I want more than a few fun nights between the sheets.
I want it all.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Alpha’s Revenge: A Werewolf Shifter Romance (Royal Alphas Wolves Club #3)

by Catherine Stine

New shared world series! Read in any order.

Meet Wayland Leblanc—legendary royal alpha, hell-bent on revenge for his murdered mate. When the edict comes down from the leader in his new territory that all royals mate and produce an heir within the year or lose royal status, Wayland hits the road. He’s not ready. Instead, he charges up to Canada in his mini-camper, to wreak revenge on Thorn, the Tundra shifter who killed his mate Sabine and their unborn babe. He conscripts an army of coyote shifters in his revenge plot, and stuffs down his lingering heartache by partying with neighboring witches.

What he doesn’t plan for is falling hard for Stormy, Thorn’s mysterious sister. But pursuing a star-crossed Juliet to his Romeo just might cost Wayland and Stormy their lives.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Love Is Not Lost

by Nikki Bolvair

The first day I met the McGuire brothers, Lincoln hit me with a football.
Second day, Tyler, vowed to break down the walls I had around me.
A week later, Kayden made his move.
They knew what they wanted and were going after it.
But I had a secret. I just never knew how much of a secret it was until I met them.

All sixteen-year-old Faith Daniels, or Daniels for short, wanted was a chance. A chance to forget her dark past and forge her own future. But that’s hard to do when your past is full of great darkness.
Death always comes at a hefty price, more so, when you’re unsure if you’ve carried out such a sentence.
Given the chance to break free from her hometown with an officer by her side, Daniels will find out that sometimes it’s not the past you have to be worried about; the future can be just as scary. Especially in a new town where three hot neighbor guys want your attention.

As Tyler, Kayden and Lincoln McGuire try to break down the walls Daniels has formed; things get a little out of hand.
Maybe it was the dumb mutt that kept harassing her or the crazy cop foster parent that seemed to keep her on her toes, either way; Daniels walls were cracking. Sometimes it takes more than just one guy to keep your walls down. To gain your trust. To help you love again.
Maybe for Daniels, three guys was her lucky number.

Why Choose?
Millennial Reverse Harem

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Yes Daddy

by Kelly Myers

I’m so tempted to claim Eden.
So tempted to ravish her.
But she’s the woman who is completely off limits.

Eden works at my beach house as a maid.
She’s over a decade younger than me.
Gorgeous. Submissive. Innocent.
I’m insanely protective of her.
And I care about what she thinks of me.
I’ve got a past.
Things that won’t sit well with her.
Drama that might tear us apart.
But her safety and happiness come first.
And I need her troublesome stepfather to back off.
Eden is my responsibility.
She has my heart.
Will she want to keep it once she finds out what I’m hiding?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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