Grumpy Billionaire Mountain Man: Enemies to Lovers Romance

by Kathilee Riley

I’m about to make partner at my law firm. I just have one task ahead of me. Convince a recluse billionaire to sell his land.
Should be simple, right?
Not when that billionaire is Adrian ‘Heartbreaker’ Parker.
The cold-hearted player who seduced me out my panties five years ago then shattered my heart into pieces.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

A Match Made in Hell (Mel’s Vampire Coven RH #1)

by Traci Lovelot

The feral vampire drank from my wrist, his all-black eyes fixed on my throat as if he wished for more. With every pull, I felt my magic leaving my body, and I let out a scream… of ecstasy. Overwhelmed by bliss, I fell across his lap. He let out a muffled sound as his tongue lapped at my skin. It felt as sinfully good as if his head were between my thighs, which only highlighted how desperately I ached for release. A low moan escaped me, and… Meet all three of her sexy vampires in this steamy reverse harem trilogy!

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Take Me To The Cabin

by Kaci Rose

This mountain man knows his way around the woods. And how to use his hands.


I’m a big city girl hiding out in the tiny town of Whiskey River. I’m a runaway bride, hiding from my ex and my family.

The shy, virgin mountain man who sells handmade wooden furniture in town doesn’t seem like he would try to control me the way my family did.

He’s strange and beautiful.


There’s a reason I live in the woods all alone.

People confuse me. Women especially. Trees don’t give mixed signals. Rocks aren’t impossible to read. I work with my hands and keep my life uncomplicated.

Then she complicates things. With her, it’s not hard to let down my guard and view the world through her artist’s lens.

But I’ve been burned before. A beautiful city girl will never be happy here.

I know my way around the woods. Gorgeous women are a whole other story.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Pool Boy

by Kris Kassady

Lily is housesitting a Beverly Hills mansion for the summer when Matisse arrives to service the pool.

Turns out it’s not just the pool that gets serviced.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

My Hot Neighbor

by Natasha L Black

This is more than a fling, but I’m afraid to define it.
I’m going to have to figure it out soon though,
Because the baby I’m carrying won’t stay a secret for long.

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Category: Contemporary Romance