With You

by Jessica Marlowe

Jack’s not a bad boy…he’s so much more.

Sick of one-night stands, rockstar Jack McBride is looking for his forever girl.

Shattered by her fiancé’s betrayal, Emily has zero interest in romance.

But chemistry this hot won’t be denied. One night, what could it hurt?

With the clock ticking, can Jack convince Emily they have something worth fighting for?

With You is book 1 in Jack and Emily’s trilogy. No More Yesterdays and All Your Tomorrows are also on sale now.

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Two unlikely partners – a skilled ex-US Army Ranger and a job-hopping Scottish woman with no sense of fear. One goal – bring down a crime lord and save their sisters. Join Megan and Dimitri as they race through Europe’s underworld, fighting the enemy and each other, in order to protect the people they love. It’s an explosive first mission for Benson Security’s new London office. And an explosive relationship between partners that might just get them all killed.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


Count on a Cowboy

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Mired axle-deep in the mud during a torrential downpour, beautician Olivia Sedgewick needs a hero. Wilderness guide Wyatt Locke fills the role nicely. His gallantry and display of muscles as he lifts her into his truck inspires all kinds of delicious thoughts.
Rescuing Olivia supercharges Wyatt, too. His surprise trip to the Last Chance Ranch is off to a great start. He’s even entertaining thoughts of relocating to Wyoming…until he discovers she’s broken off three engagements. Is he in line to be schmuck number four?

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Category: Western Romance


Forced Erotica: Explicit Short Sex Stories

by Marie Margo


-Would you like to sink your teeth into a deliciously dark and raunchy collection?

-Like your stories filthy & red sweltering-hot?

-Stories with abundant indulgence?

-Women who like more than one at a time?

-Stories with raw and vivid details?

-A bundle so thick it can keep you hot and rubbing all night long & even longer?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you know what to do, hit the download button now and begin one long hot night of naughty fun.

Be warned: The contents of this book is not for everyone. Do not download if raw, hard and rough adult scenes offend you.

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Category: Erotica


The Proposition

by Amelia Wilde

Retribution (verb): inflict hurt on someone for an injury or wrong

Vengeance. It runs through Mason Hill’s veins. Except the person who walks through his office door isn’t his enemy. It’s the man’s daughter.

He forms a new plan for revenge…He’ll take out every past hurt and dark memory on her sweet body. And to save her family, she’ll let him.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


My Ex-Boyfriend’s Dad

by K.C. Crowne

My son and I fell for the same girl.
And now her life is in my hands.

I always knew Vivian was special.
The strength of a lioness.
Witty banter that matches mine.
And a magnetic sensual beauty.

But she’s in deep with the cartel.

I won’t rest until I eliminate every last threat.
But one problem still remains…

How am I supposed to guard her life if all I can think about is devouring every inch of her for myself?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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