An Immoral Erotic Parable of American Eve & African Adam

by D.H. Chewins

What if the First Man Adam is black?
It revolves around a Southern Belle, Katheryn Kellington, whose fascination with African history and American slavery plunges her into a whirlwind of forbidden passions. She encounters Massai Mobuku, the African Adam to her American Eve, igniting a connection that shatters all taboos.
Guided by Lucifer himself, their erotic escapades surpass the wildest imaginations, outshining even Fifty Shades. Katheryn’s sensual odyssey unravels tantalizing techniques that promise unparalleled pleasure while weaving a narrative of interracial love that’s natural, divine, and utterly captivating.
This tale isn’t merely about physical indulgence, it’s a profound exploration of desire and history. An enigmatic ad in a high-end women’s magazine adds a layer of intrigue, making Katheryn’s story a compelling mix of mystery and eroticism.
Amazon’s rating is 4.6

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Category: Erotica


Stay for Me

by Tam Derudder Jackson

Managing Balefire came at a cost—my only love. When fate brings Olivia back into my life, I’m determined not to screw up again. After Balefire hires her studio to produce their next music video, I have a second chance to rewrite our love story—if I can convince her I’m a changed man.

Garrett says we can make things work. But can I truly trust that this time, will he stay for me?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Corrupt Me

by Serena James Chase

No good deed goes unpunished.

I knew that better than most, but it didn’t stop me from using my formidable reputation to save an out-of-depth woman being chased in a dark alley.

As an enforcer for the Donovan Crime Family, I had no time for strays let alone damsels in distress. My world was already complicated, with a turf war threatening my boss’s empire. All I wanted was to get her home safe and out of my life because I couldn’t afford any distractions, even if they came in a package as tempting as the dark-haired beauty.

I told myself she was off-limits, but she’s determined and hellbent on upending my world. Now I’m not sure when it’s all over if who I am will shatter her innocence or if she’ll be the one to corrupt me.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Our Satyr Prince

by Dylan Drakes

A dark and spicy queer fantasy that blends Ancient Greek, werewolf and vampire mythologies: where the moon is transforming people into power-thirsty satyrs, gorgons, and sirens. Expect wicked betrayal, dark intrigue, and monstrous lust.

Aurelius can have any man he wants. Disinherited for his ‘deviant’ lifestyle, the heir of Mestibes has schemed and screwed his way back to prominence. Then, a chance comes to reclaim his lost power. War is coming, and the only man who can help is Calix, heir of Ardora. Now, he must put his seduction skills to the test. But first, he will uncover Calix’s monstrous secret. And discover his own primal thirst.

Teigra is living a wasted life. The best pegasus rider in the city’s history, reduced to a grovelling bachelorette. But when she is sent on a dangerous mission with her cousin, Aurelius, she’ll be tempted by the powerful women who fills her with forbidden desire.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Princess Abroad

by Lynn Joseph

Roxy wants nothing more than to enjoy an exciting semester in Italy with her best friend Zelda. Oh, and to fall in love with a prince. So she can be a legit princess. But plans fall apart when she runs into her Public Enemy No. 1, a guy she has butted heads with not once but twice (or maybe three times!) back home. Can Roxy find her true love in Italy?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Urban Marriage 11: Atlanta Girl Gets Divorced

by Tulipe Pascere

SERIES Book 11: newlywed woman tries to save marriage w/ Christian man she met through Internet dating / 139 pp
KINDLE: Women’s Divorce Fiction / Contemporary Christian
> Atlanta girl Aubrey found thousands of choices through Internet dating. Do your homework and find the “perfect man,” right?
Three months later, married! So how did it go wrong so fast? Isn’t there an “adjustment period”? Tim was honest about his past porn addiction. He was never abusive, and fair with money –Aubrey paid 30% of expenses and doubled payments on her student loan debt.
But could Tim demand that Aubrey quit her job? Leave Atlanta? Move to Orlando for his company transfer? Help with his pastoral studies and become a pastor’s wife?
Stop the roller coaster! He-e-e-l-lp!

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


Love Lost Adventure: The Lie

by Roseann Gargiulo

Surrounded by the whiteness of the blizzard’s snow, Theodora Hayes was determined to rekindle a flame she had walked away from many years ago—but can one ever truly go back? Teddy didn’t give it a second thought. Passion drove her need. Cole was the love of her life, and nothing was going to keep her from finding him… except maybe danger, murder, and yes, love—and its wicked dark past.

The heart of the multi-plot story takes place in 1998 and travels all the way back to the Civil War. In a whirlwind quest tangled up in mishaps, filled with deep human connections, and a cast of zany characters, the journey will make you laugh, cry, and keep you riveted in your seat.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance