by Layla Nash and Juno Wells

Sometimes a pirate has to choose between love and booty… Xaravian captain Faros has a deadline: if he doesn’t pay a debt in less than a week, his ship and crew are forfeit. The last thing he needs is a sexy Earther distracting him, but he can’t help noticing her temper and strict adherence to the law. He can’t wait to corrupt her…

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Category: Science Fiction Romance



by Abi Barden

Money, a mansion, and a mystery. Not an inheritance she ever expected.

Amethyst Forester is a scientist, not a lady.

Benjamin Maker is a lord, trapped in a loveless marriage.

The only thing they have in common is Professor Richards—a genius Aetheric scientist.

When Richards is found dead, Amethyst and Benjamin are put in an impossible situation. They jointly inherit his house, its contents, and the mystery of his murder.

Could the Professor have been killed for one of his experiments? And if so, what if someone’s still looking for it?

If you like your steampunk with a bit of romance sprinkled in and loads of mystery, this Victorian London-era steampunk adventure is the perfect story for you. Grab your copy today!

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Book Review

by Hayleigh Sol

An unexpected review of his latest book has author Jax desperate to meet his mystery critic in the romantic comedy that keeps you asking:
Will they or won’t they? Dr. Sophie Grimaldi is successful and happy, single and content to remain that way. Best-selling author Jax Rowland is writing his next spy thriller and it’s not going well. When Sophie finds a sheet of Jax’s notes in a library book, she’s appalled by his attempt at a love scene and critiques it. She never imagines the author will read her review. Jax recognizes her talent and hires Sophie. As they get to know each other through the work and discover all they share in common, a desire for more than a working relationship or friendship grows. But, after a series of missed connections and unexpected twists, it seems fate has other plans. Will they continue to play it safe or will they risk another heartbreak for a chance at love?

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Tribute Brides of the Drexian Warriors Collection: Books 1-3

by Tana Stone

3 books. 2 never-before-seen bonus epilogues. 700+ pages of steamy sci-fi romance and gorgeous alpha aliens.

Hot alien warriors in need of mates. Earth women with no one to miss them. There are worse things in life than being abducted by alien warriors THIS hot. Prepare yourself to be taken captive by the Drexian warriors.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


A Soldier Finds His Way

by Irene Onorato

Gruff and tough, Edward Giordano’s success as an elite Special Forces soldier doesn’t carry over to his personal life. Emotionally scarred from a painful childhood, he’s built a wall around his heart that he lets very few penetrate.

Audra Lorenzo, a first-year school teacher, is on a road trip with her niece during the holidays. A storm that was supposed to pass, instead crosses her path. Lost, with her GPS cutting in and out, her car skids off a road, down an embankment, and into an icy river. Everything goes black.

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Category: Inspirational Romance


Protecting his Witness

by Amy Gamet

Former Navy SEAL and HERO Force member Luke “Wiseman” Arroyo must protect scientist Summer Daniels, the little sister of his old Navy buddy who he accidentally killed.

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Category: Military Romance


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