by Logan Fox

After I witness the three elites of my new college committing a sadistic crime, I’m dragged kicking and screaming into their dark, depraved world. A completed dark RH college bully series.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Rescued by the Mountain Man

by Zoey Rose

Who knew my rescuer would be a hunky blacksmith straight out of the books I write?

When I get lost in the wilderness, I’m sure it’s going to be one embarrassing rescue. Until I lose consciousness and open my eyes to an older, muscle-bound blacksmith in the same bed I’m in.

But Dylan’s not just biceps, fierce dark eyes, and a delicious mountain-man beard. He’s a sweetheart, taking care of me, cooking, calling for help. His past is a secret, though – a secret he guards as fiercely as his solitude.

And when night falls, we face a classic romance novel dilemma: one bed, two people. He offers to take the floor, but the thought of his warm body close to mine, sharing a bed, is unexpectedly tempting.
Innocent city girl meets seasoned wilderness man – and we both know it. He’s experienced, good with his hands, and leaves me breathless for more.

Yet, I have doubts. Is this anything but an almost 24-hour dream? Or is he willing to fight for more? To leave everything behind for a shot at our happiness together?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Queen’s Lust

by Ash Gray

Zelda is a young sorceress set to graduate and leave the tower for a life of her own. When she is assigned Calain as her guardian and knight, the queen of Eriallon becomes envious and seeks to take Zelda for herself. Fiery red-haired Calain fights to protect her love from the queen and is forced to flee with Zelda and fellow knight, Selene. As they live on the run, Zelda is romantically torn between taming wild, strong Calain and claiming serious, gentle Selene. A lesbian harem romance series like no other!

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Category: Fantasy Romance