Three Wishes for Cassie: An Airtight Reverse Harem Menage

by Brianna Skylark

Kinky Cassie has a birthday wish. She wants to be taken by three men at once. She wants to be left trembling, breathless, glazed, and glistening… and her husband Cal is only too willing to assist.

He’s found her two perfect fantasy men and booked them all into a hotel for one night. Blake is young, eager and nervous, whilst older man Grayson is experienced, confident and grizzly. Each one ticks all of her naughty boxes.

All three men want her airtight, and Cassie can’t wait. She wants to have every part of her satisfied, but she’s nervous too. She’s never done this before, she’s never done anything like this, but tonight her fantasy will be fulfilled – in every possible way.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Secret Baby for Dr. Dreamy

by Sofia T Summers

“Your son is very sick… is his father in the picture?”
How do I answer?
His father is asking the question… but he has no idea.

It was supposed to be a fun trip to the water park, but it ends with my son at the hospital with a serious condition. Suddenly, I’m transported to the beginning…

My life on a cruise ship, meeting Ben Wilkes. The first man who thought I was beautiful at any size. The first man I loved. The father of my baby…

The man who is now responsible for my son’s care, and who has no idea the baby boy is ours. Handsome billionaire doctor Ben was my first love, but I never told him the truth.

Can he grovel enough to change my mind?

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Category: Erotic Romance

Urban Marriage 11: Atlanta Girl Gets Divorced

by Tulipe Pascere

SERIES Book 11: newlywed woman tries to save marriage w/ Christian man she met through Internet dating / 139 pp
KINDLE: Women’s Divorce Fiction / Contemporary Christian
> Atlanta girl Aubrey found thousands of choices through Internet dating. Do your homework and find the “perfect man,” right?
Three months later, married! So how did it go wrong so fast? Isn’t there an “adjustment period”? Tim was honest about his past porn addiction. He was never abusive and fair with money –Aubrey paid 30% of expenses and doubled payments on her student loan debt.
But could Tim demand that Aubrey quit her job? Leave Atlanta? Move to Orlando for his company transfer? Help with his pastoral studies and become a pastor’s wife?
Stop the roller coaster! He-e-e-l-lp!

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

House of Lycan

by Lyra Forger

Rhea has big plans for her life.

Top of her class at Grimm Academy, a go-getter with a budding journalist career.

But her plans get derailed when she realizes she is being stalked. And if that weren’t enough, the man stalking her is a deranged killer that has just escaped an inescapable prison.

He is Synn Iarro, the Broken Fae, and she is just a shifter that can’t shift.

Against her grandmother’s wishes, Rhea starts investigating the fugitive, and she finds out this case is more than she ever bargained for.

With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, a mystery that is begging to be solved, Rhea needs to dive deep into her own past to make sense of her future.

And to make it even harder for Rhea, the Broken Fae is a real handful to deal with. But then again, there is something so enticing about him.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

This Guy?

by Ali Parker

The wealthy bachelor in town decided to break my BFF’s heart. But what he doesn’t count on is me.
It’s my turn to play with his heart for revenge. He’ll fall in love, then poof, I’ll disappear. The only problem? He’s so fine. I thought I would take him for a ride, but I wasn’t ready for this guy.

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Category: Contemporary Romance