The Shifter’s Stolen Fae

by Amelia Shaw

The supernaturals have been kicked out of Faerie… and Aurelia has no idea which side she’s on.

When her adoptive mother dies, Aurelia is accused of her murder. The witches want a scapegoat, and they’ve always hated Aurelia. She goes looking for a safe place to rest, only to find danger at every turn. The only man who seems even remotely safe, is Grey, but he’s the last man she should trust. He’s the King of the Syndicate, a corrupt underground organization full of the supernatural’s that hate all Fae.

Grey’s been looking for a full-blooded Fae for years, and when his minions find one, he can’t let her escape. He’ll do anything to fulfil his fate. But the last thing he expects to find is that the fairy is his mate… and the long-lost daughter of his greatest enemy.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Wolf Moon Magic

by Lindsey R. Loucks

Welcome to the Full Moon Games. It’s The Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones meets The Bachelor…and had a book baby with a wolf shifter.

College student Harlow has just been chosen by a local millionaire to compete to be his wife. WTF?

Except he’s a wolf shifter. Harlow didn’t know those existed until, well, a few minutes ago.

Now, she must win the competition and the heart of the Alpha, or she will be disposed of to keep the pack’s secret.

One problem: he’s not the one her heart wants. If she gets caught in the arms of another, she’ll have to answer to more than just the Alpha.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Cold Truth

by Simone Leigh

What Matters More Than Family?
Hired gun and hitman Hickman is tough.
As tough as it comes.
And he values nothing more than his family.
His wife.
His children.
Everything he loves.
But he keeps them secret.
Because Hickman and his secret family have roots in the Past.
And he will do anything, risk anything, to protect them.
But when the Past returns to threaten the Present, who does he turn to for help?
And what will be the consequences?
A Steamy Mafia Revenge Thriller

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Nova’s Training

by A.D. Young

Nova has never been interested in normal relationships. He likes to be tied up and teased. So when he’s contacted about a submissive training program, he doesn’t ask questions. The program’s director seizes this opportunity to pimp the benefits of her methods to a powerful investor. But Nova’s new master has his own ideas about Nova’s training. With so many strong personalities contending to determine his fate, Nova has no choice but to perform well. Can he find paradise with his ideal dom?

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Category: Erotica

Billionaire Bear Shifters

by Brittany White

Four Billionaire Bear Shifter Brothers, Four sassy mates, and Four happy-ever-afters!

“Love was never meant to come easy for the Strauss Bear Shifter Brothers.”

This box set contains:
NATHAN: The most gruff, strong, and silent brother.
ERIC: The most easygoing one who effortlessly makes everyone happy.
CODY: Little bit angry but always loyal.
CONNOR: Alpha brother who’s in charge of everything
Immerse yourself into the world of alpha protectors, shifters, and steamy adventure. This series will reveal secrets, tug at your heartstrings, and leave you wanting so…much…more!

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Category: Paranormal Romance