His Fugitive Obsession

by Gia Bailey

She’s going to run. She has no idea, that only makes me want to chase her all the more.
Run, little lamb, run. The hunt is on.

I’ve been a bounty hunter a long damn time and thought I was coldly indifferent to my clients by now, but some cases just get under your skin.
The Lavin case was like that.
Laura, with eyes like furious emeralds, was unforgettable.
She was all over the news, a national obsession, and a private one.
When she skips bail and runs out on her stepfather’s bond, I’m the man he comes to.
But something about the case doesn’t add up. Laura isn’t who the media makes her out to be.
She doesn’t trust me, she’s going to run… and I’m going to be the man who stops her. I’ll bring her back, clear her name and keep her out of trouble.
She’s mine, and nothing can keep her from me, not even a jail cell.

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Category: Contemporary Romance