Maid to the Mafia: Totally Captivated

by Wanitta Praks

“I’ll do anything. Cooking, cleaning, even making coffee. I’m good at making coffee.”

Upon uttering the word coffee, Jenny Stone, the smart, resilient, and sharp-tongued girl somehow finds herself paying off her father’s debt by working as a maid to the mafia boss, Giovanni Dente, the obsessive-compulsive coffee drinker with movie star good looks.

And this is just the beginning of Jenny’s new life.

Between serving the man his brew at ungodly hours and doing his dirty work, she also has to attend college, ace her exams, and find a way to contact her father and sister who have abandoned her.

But within the intricate web Giovanni binds around her, when it comes time for her to leave, she isn’t sure if she can make it out alive, especially when somewhere along the way, she realizes her heart is totally captivated.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

First Light

by Isabel Jolie

He’s former military and a cop.
She’s the sister of a notorious hacker, and lives depend on her secrecy.
Close proximity on a secluded island brings them together.
He’s gentle, kind, and loving. Everything she yearns for.
He’s also a cop- exactly the kind of man who’d never understand her truth.
Will he be her savior…or her downfall?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Queen of Klutz

by Samantha Garman

Choose the best phrase to describe Sibby Goldstein’s life:

1) Sucky.
2) Really sucky.
3) Major suck-fest.
D) All of the above.

I started my day with a boyfriend and a job. I ended my day with a bottle of tequila. I’ll let you connect the dots.

Somehow, I wound up working as a waitress at an Italian restaurant. I have no idea what I’m doing. And I’m not just talkin’ about life.

This should be interesting.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Sins of Knight

by Violet Paige

We were meant to rule an empire together.
We’ll take down anyone who stands in our way.
There’s no one I love more.
And nothing I won’t do to protect her.

The complete trilogy of this scorching second chance enemies to lovers mafia romance.

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance

Porter the Importer

by Ariella Talix

He knows what he wants. He plans to get it.

Is it possible to meet the love of your life in a liquor store?

Molly assumes the nosy, muscular (gorgeous) man is a rude stock boy until he hands her his business card. Porter imports fine wine, and Molly sells fine… other things… in her very naughty boutique. A match made in heaven?

Passionate, laid-back, and a teensy bit bossy, Porter will become your next favorite book boyfriend.

Meet the Drummonds in this prequel novella. Guaranteed HEA, no cliffhanger.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

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