Crossing in Time

by D. L. Orton

The past isn’t over, it’s an opening. The future isn’t hidden, it’s a trap.
If she ever wants to see him again, she’ll have to take the risk.

Fall into this “funny, romantic & harrowing” (Publishers Weekly Starred Review) dystopian love story and prepare to encounter a finicky time machine, a mysterious seashell, and a very clever dog (some sex, some swearing, some violence, but no vampires and absolutely no ditzes.)

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


Sleeping With Shadows

by Rachel Hailey

Once The King of Nightmares, Ashe lost everything when he was betrayed. Released from prison, he’s got one goal: Stay Free. To make that happen he’ll have to rescue the girl who stole his crown while saving the court he’d rather see burn. But he can’t do it alone. He needs Callie.

Abused, neglected, and finally shunned by The Court of Light, Callie is done with court politics. It’s just too damned bad Ashe doesn’t care. He’s arrogant, manipulative, and dangerous. Everything she’s been taught to fear. It would be so easy to hate him, but the sadness in his gaze calls to her heart, and his touch awakens her own darkness. She has never wanted anyone more.

Callie is Ashe’s darkest desire, but to earn his freedom and prevent the destruction of humanity, she must embrace the destiny that will keep them apart. But is the safety of the world worth losing the kind of love he’s only dreamed of?

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Didn’t Expect You

by Claudia Burgoa

I had it all. The luxury apartment, hot dates, and the big office to go with long nights at work.
Life was perfect.
But after a one-night stand, two little lines on a pregnancy test, and three lost legal cases later…
Well, overnight I went from career lawyer to single mom.

It’s okay, I can do it. I’m ready to face this alone until…

Along comes Nathaniel Chadwick. Billionaire adrenaline junky. Everyone’s favorite playboy…and my sister’s brother-in-law.
He’s as hot as he is jaded. When it comes to relationships and family, he’d rather jump off a cliff.
I wrote him off long ago, except since he learned about the baby he’s been by my side.

Is it pregnancy hormones or is there something real happening between us?
I didn’t expect any of this…most of all him.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Quadruplets for the Mountain Man

by K.C. Crowne

“Did you say FOUR heart beats?”

The father of my babies is a war hero.
Beautifully broken mountain man. And my brother’s best friend.
Basically… the one I’ve wanted since adolescence.
I can’t even process the fact I’m having his babies. Four babies!!!! Ground Rules of our Arrangement:
#1. Absolutely NO emotions.
#2. ZERO attachment whatsoever.
#3. If you have questions, repeat rules 1 and 2.

It’s safe to say I’ve totally screwed this up.

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by Curtis Edmonds

Wendy Jarrett is a thirty-year-old estate lawyer in Morristown, New Jersey with a massive student loan debt and no social life. She works sixty hours a week and spends the rest of her time in her condo, making up bizarre cocktails and watching real estate programs on TV. Wendy’s last boyfriend dropped her for a waitress named Hyllton the week before Valentine’s Day. Wendy is stressed, lonely, and desperate for a real romantic attachment.
Wendy’s overbearing mother Emily convinces Wendy to accompany her to a funeral of a man named Sheldon Berkman in the seaside resort of Cape May. On the drive south, Emily explains that she had been married to Sheldon, years before Wendy was born. Wendy also accidentally posts Sheldon’s mawkish obituary to her Facebook page, and it manages to go viral.
At the funeral, Wendy meets Adam Lewis, Sheldon’s nephew and the chief mourner. Wendy is instantly attracted to Adam, who is phenomenally cute, with kind eyes and a firm handshake

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Drake: Big, Sexy, Alphas of Wildwood County

by Khloe Summers

From Best-Selling Author Khloe Summers comes the ultra-swoon-worthy series:

‘Big, Sexy, Alpha’s of Wildwood County’.

These Alpha’s are big, strong, protective, and ready to give all their love to the right woman.

Settle in and enjoy the sexy men of Wildwood County!



Wildwood County is where I keep my roots.
Right now though, I’m in Denver, trying to make sense of every bad decision I’ve ever made.
Dirtbag boyfriend… check
Bad career choice… check
Desperate for a new start… yes please!
When my sister suggests I come back to the country, I’m hesitant, there’s nothing out there but wide-open spaces. But when I meet Drake Matthews, everything changes.
He’s so sweet with his kids, he works hard, he’s insanely gorgeous, and when he looks at me with his dark, possessive eyes — a fire ignites that I can’t put out.
I left Wildwood County, but Wildwood isn’t quite done with me yet.


When my wife runs off and leaves me with the kids, all I can do is keep my head down and work hard.
Life doesn’t slow down for speed bumps, and either do I.
But as hard as I try, daily life is bottoming out and I need a reprieve.
When Alice Blaze walks into my life with that sweet smile, and all those curves, she’s the breath of fresh air I’ve been looking for.
Suddenly, I’m wondering if all those poets were right about love at first sight and second chances.
Wildwood County has always been my home, and I’ll do what it takes to have Alice beside me.

This is a stand-alone, short, steamy, insta love romance intended for readers 18 and up. This title includes my ‘Easy Escape Seal’. A happily ever after, low drama guarantee.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


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