Savage Ax (The Hidden Realm #1)

by D.N. Hoxa

When they told me I’d have to go searching for a vampire out in the human world with Savage Ax, it didn’t seem like a big deal. Despite his looks, our covens are sworn enemies. Despite his reputation, I have the green light to get rid of him if needed. And it’s all fun and games, empty threats and dirty words at first…
But there’s a spark of madness in his eyes that draws me in. Something about the way he takes what he wants, even from me, and gives no explanation in return. Something about the rough touch of his hand that melts all the ice I’ve spent years layering around me.
The farther away from home we go, the easier it gets to forget who he is. Who I am. Where we are.
And that’s exactly where my real troubles will begin…

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Category: Paranormal Romance

City of Liars

by Michelle Fogle

When the Inquisition holds its first public execution in Barcelona, it draws a Catholic heiress and a Jewish navigator into a secret alliance to smuggle would-be targets to safety by sea. As the rescue mission unfolds, a forbidden love blossoms between them. Will their heart-stopping escape plan outfox the vicious regime, or will it cost their lives?

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Category: Historical Romance

Called to the Deep

by Desiree M. Niccoli

First comes desire. Then hunger.

When Killian Quinn, captain of offshore fishing boat Dawn Chaser, receives a distress call from a sailing ship caught in a terrible storm, he and his crew rush to provide aid. But when they arrive, all that’s left of the ship and its crew is splintered wood and a borderline hypothermic woman who can’t remember how she survived. His attraction to her is instantaneous, and maintaining a professional distance proves to be a struggle, especially when she needs a place to stay that’s far from the press and curious townsfolk, and his idyllic cottage by the sea is the perfect sanctuary.

What was supposed to be a thrilling once-in-a lifetime opportunity for Lorelei Roth, turns into a seafaring tragedy. As Lorelei struggles to accept that she’s The Osprey’s only survivor, she’s plagued by strange dreams and sleepwalking episodes that draw her into the ocean. And if the grieving process wasn’t hard enough, Lorelei also grapples with guilt from developing feelings for the captain who rescued her. But worst of all, is a new, unsettling hunger for raw flesh that’s eating her from the inside out. The handsome captain begins to look like a tasty snack in more ways than one.

Discovering she’s descended from the people-eating mermaids who devoured her crew, Lorelei struggles to accept her identity knowing her entire existence relies upon its secrecy and devouring human flesh. What happens if Killian finds out? The world at large? What if Lorelei answers the ocean’s call to the deep?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Ride It Slow

by Zee Irwin

A military hero. A runaway bride. Never enough time.

Tired of holding things together and taking care of every responsibility for my family of sisters and a grieving father, I had begged the universe for something new. Then the county fair crowned me as the next Milk Maiden, and I gained the attention of Travis, the handsome stranger in town. The way he sang in my ear with his sultry twang took my breath away.

Life was suddenly good, even though Travis was only passing through. But he tasted like possibilities and promises, and more than one night was written all over his face.

If only time and logistics, and our meddling families, weren’t working against us.

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Category: Military Romance