Ignite You

by Diana A Hicks

From award-winning author Diana A. Hicks comes a dark mafia romance full of twists and turns, double-crosses, heartaches, and danger.

I’ve been on the run from the mob for years.

Stay hidden,
keep moving,

A sad existence in the shadows. Until the day I decided to fight back.

That’s when he came back into my life—Dom Moretti, the man with a dark past and my only way out.

He says he can save me from the monsters. But who will protect me from him?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Small Town, Big Secrets

by Elsie Davis

To save her son, shy but determined waitress Becky McAllister would do just about anything. But she never expected “anything” to include the brother of the man who broke her heart.

Steve Parker needs a wife, now, if he has any hopes of winning his local DA election and becoming the advocate for the underserved he’s always dreamed of being. The sweet waitress seems like just the person—if he can get her to agree.

One year of marriage—no strings, no personal attachments. Becky gets the insurance funds she needs for her son’s surgery while Steve’s poll ratings soar. Neither planned on a commitment in their future, so they should have no problem making it through the year without getting emotionally involved, right?

Except Becky’s holding on to a secret from her past—one that would change everything.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

The Fae Queen’s Warriors

by Tara West

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Tara West

If the Dragon Defenders can’t help me defeat the king, I will slit his throat myself.

I need your oaths, Dragon Defenders, to stand with me against the mad king. He wants me dead. How do I know? He told me when he wrapped his hands around my throat on our wedding night. But I survived, and we have a chance to take him down. Do you stand with me, great defenders of the nation? You who are ruled by no one and stand fearlessly sentinel for us, guarding our country against mighty leviathans? We are the world’s only hope, and I need your help to defeat him.

**A brave Fae queen, three fearless warriors, an evil mage, a mad king’s assassins, and voracious dragons battle in an epic power struggle as the threat of a Fae invasion looms.**

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Food Fight!

by Thea Lambert

She’ll have the world on a plate…if she can keep from falling for the man she hates.

Chef Charlie is thrilled to be a participant on television’s newest competition Food Fight! But her plans are upended when she discovers her high school nemesis Drew is also a contestant.

He’s the bad boy of the culinary world, but Drew still harbors guilt for his past behavior to Charlie. But he desperately needs to win the competition When Charlie trounces Drew in the first leg of the bout, he realizes that she is his obstacle to victory. He must find a way to make sure he wins and not her. And what better way for a player to get the competition off her game than by romancing her?

“Food Fight by Thea Lambert is a fun, easy to read, romantic comedy and comes very highly recommended.” –ChickLitCafé.com

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Tempered Beasts

by AmBear Shellea

Fire or Ice, it comes at a price.
The loss of her husband was only the beginning. Lizzy’s spiral into madness takes her on a path she never knew existed, her sanity hanging in the balance. With her morals in question, she must choose to give in or refuse.
The hunt begins.
With Flames and Fangs, souls are hunted for sport. The Baby Blues are on the move, their mission is clear. The Battle began after the dawn of man but it’s a woman they seek to defeat.
The widow is the key.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

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