Sign Here for Horns

by V. K. Ludwig

I accidentally bought myself an alien concubine.

Thirty-one, recently divorced, and behind on the mortgage for my farm, I scrape my last savings together and buy myself a farmhand.

That big, horned alien I end up with? He’s a Vandalar saikh, a male concubine, and he wants to plow more than just my fields.

Guess I should have read the fine print of the purchase contract better because the trader refuses to take him back. Now I’m stuck with weed-infested fields, red letters from the bank, and a guy who says he studied one million ways to please a female. (His words, it’s not like I’m going to count…)

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Protecting Sophie

by Zoe Normandie

A force that cannot be stopped, Aidan King fights to solve a case, and seek justice for fallen SEAL heroes. The finish line is in sight. The only problem is… her.

She’s the one obstacle he struggles to crush.

Just as time for justice is running out, Aidan finds Sophie challenging him. For a man that’s never thought about love before–when he finds her body underneath his, a strange emotion takes grip in his chest.

Sophie has never been able to figure Aidan out. He’s fiercely sexy… and deeply secretive. But, then again, that’s his job. And that’s why she can’t stand to be around him.

She nearly has a heart attack when this cold hearted, dangerous man shows up in her office. History aside, working alongside an emotionless rake like Aidan is an untenable situation for her.

At odds as much as working together, they find themselves vehemently denying what they’ve always had–deep rooted, pent up desire. That denial leads to exploding passion when least convenient. These two top-notch, dedicated professionals fall into a compromising position and put the heroes they are fighting for at serious risk.

This is a Navy SEAL romance, and can be read as a standalone. It is the fourth book in a series of four.

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Category: Military Romance

My Fierce Second Chance

by Ava Storm

Gillian and I were supposed to get out of this town together
But I f’ed up and she left me behind
I’ve spent the last twelve years trying to prove she made a mistake
I got my sh#@ together and built the top home security agency on the east coast
Now she needs protecting, and I’m the only one she can turn to

“Would you cover for your cousin if he did something wrong?” she asked.
“Even though he’s your cousin?”
“No matter who he was.”
“What if it was me?”
I pushed back my barstool. The scrape of the legs on the tile floor made Gillian wince, then her eyes widened as I came around the island.
“It’s just a question,” she managed before I put a hand down on either side of the counter, trapping her against it.
“It’s not just a question, Gillian,” I said, staring down at her. “Are you telling me that you knew what your ex-husband was doing? That you’re complicit?”
Gillian shook her head. “No, of course not. But…just…what if I had, and I asked you to cover for me? What would you do?”
I had no f’ing idea, but I said brutally, “I’d drive you to prison myself.”

I don’t know if she’s innocent or guilty
All I know is she’s back in my life
And I’m going to protect her no matter what
Even if it’s from herself

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Wedding Belle Blues

by Mia Epsilon

I’m in love with my best friend. Perfect right? A couple should be best friends, right? So how can this whole situation be so wrong? A dufus named Doug, that’s how. He just shows up and swoops in on *my* best friend like some doctor-to-be hero. Worse, he freaking proposed to my Anna! And she said yes!

But that’s okay. No worries. I’ve got this. All I need to do is show Anna how utterly wrong for her this so-called perfect guy is. His mom alone is something from a horror movie. All ‘but our tradition decrees it’s done this way’ and ‘my dear, if only you were better raised you’d understand we have an image to uphold…’ wedding planning crap. Mom-in-law-zilla to the extreme who made my Anna cry! This frigid social climber is going down, one way or the other.

Then there’s my Anna’s friend who supposedly wants nothing to do with Doug, but sure is spending a lot of time with him behind my Anna’s back. And even my Anna is…weird. She’s looking at me all… weird. As if she’s never seen me before. Can she tell I’m in love with her? Just waiting for her to be in love with me?

Is it time to stop singing the blues and finally make a move?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Cruel Lords

by Ivy Thorn

Saint might be my last name, but they’re determined to make me into a sinner.

My father is dead. My home is ash. And my mother and I are one step away from death ourselves. Our only protection against the Devil’s Sons MC? The St. Vincent family, who rule Blackmoor.

When I run into Cayde, Dean, and Jaxon for the first time on the steps of my new prep school, I don’t think twice about it. Even with all the rumors surrounding them, I know how to take care of myself.

But when I embarrass Cayde St. Vincent, I wind up with a target on my back. A target that, unbeknownst to me, is going to follow me way past high school.
When I wake up in their house on the university campus on the first day of the semester with no memory of how I got there, all I want to do is leave. But they’ve got me under contract.
A contract that threatens my life, and my mother’s life, if I break it.
Soon enough, I realize they want to break me.

Cayde St. Vincent. Dean Blackmoor. Jaxon King.
The three heirs to the town of Blackmoor.
And now? My worst nightmare.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Battle of Baltimore

by Samuel Brown

As the War of 1812 rages on between England and America, another war is waged in the streets of Baltimore. Caleb Smith is thrilled to learn that his longtime friend and love interest, Libby Anderson, returned from England. However, Caleb learns that Libby is betrothed to British aristocrat Harold Edgerton III through an arranged marriage by her parents. In spite of Caleb’s and Libby’s desire to be together, foul play, old world traditions, and war all conspire to keep them apart. Both the fortunes of a country and a young couple are intertwined. Their destinies hinge on the outcome of the Battle of Baltimore.

THE BATTLE OF BALTIMORE is a fast-paced, romantic adventure through a lesser-known slice of history that is uniquely Americana. It is a historical fiction novella that was adapted from an award-winning screenplay by the same title and author, and it placed third in the Baltimore Screenwriters Competition at the 2015 Maryland Film Festival.

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