Possessed by the Alien King

by Krista Luna

The human is mine.
Her scent tempts my senses and sets my mating heart beating.
All I can think about is marking her, claiming her.

Danger lurks on all sides, but I will fight for what is mine.
Until I win.
Until I possess all of her.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

The Cowboy and His Vegas Wedding

by Kaci M Rose

Viva Las Vegas! Wedding bells are ringing for Rock Springs… Sin City style!
Anna Mae To say I have little trust in men is an understatement.

After I caught my husband cheating with his secretary and he ended our marriage, I swore never to be blinded by love again.

I’ve noticed Royce around for over a year now, and can’t deny the hot rush of heat I feel whenever our gazes meet.

Still, I don’t trust myself enough to allow it to be more than a casual flirtation.

We may both be headed to a bachelor/bachelorette party in Las Vegas, but I’m completely confident I can keep my libido in check.

I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

Viva Las Vegas! Wedding bells are ringing for Rock Springs… Sin City style!

Royce Drinks were flowing as we celebrated my sister and her fiancé’s upcoming wedding.

Next thing I know, I’m waking up in bed with Anna Mae and it seems we did a whole lot more than spend the night together.

Our drunken selves found a cute little chapel and tied the knot.

Anna is understandably upset, but I see this as an opportunity with a beautiful woman I genuinely care for.

Can I convince her to take a gamble on our happily ever after?

Or once we are back in Rock Springs will we roll snake eyes on what could have been a beautiful future?

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Category: Western Romance

Having The Billionaire’s Baby

by Phoenix Rose

Grace needs money. And some excitement. Possibly an excuse to explore her darkest fantasies might be nice, too.

Dropping into her lap one day is the irresistible Mr. Black. He’s offering her exactly what she wants, but what if she becomes too attached? What if she wants more than a ‘business arrangement’ with him?

Having The Billionaire’s Baby is a short, fun read with plenty of heat and a happy ever after ending. If you like a bit of tension, dirty talk and even dirtier encounters, you’ve found the story for you!

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Category: Erotic Romance

Inking Eagle

by Khloe Wren

When a Marine goes undercover with an MC, he’s looking for answers, not romance. But when the club assigns him to guard a pretty tattoo artist, he may get more than he bargained for… or he could lose her, and everything else, in a maelstrom of violence.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

A Giant Erotica Collection – 70 Stories – Forbidden and Explicit Sex Stories for Adults

by Christi Cabernet

We want to take your breath away!

We’ve put together 70 stories, more than 1,200 pages of erotica, just for you. This giant bundle contains month’s worth of stories of people experiencing their wildest fantasies, their most forbidden desires, and their most unmentionable and private ambitions!

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Category: Erotica

Black Knight

by Lynn Raye Harris

Liberty King doesn’t know who she is, and she doesn’t remember what happened before mercenary Jared Frazer found her bleeding and disoriented in the snow outside his remote cabin. What’s clear is that Liberty is in trouble, and the people looking for her aren’t easily deterred. Can Jared become the knight in shining armor Liberty desperately needs?

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Category: Military Romance