Falling for the Undercover Agent

by Agnes Canestri

Giordano Biagi might be a newbie private investigator but he knows that maintaining the line between business and pleasure is a must in his profession. It’s never been a problem for him either, at least not until he meets Ruby – the fiery, intriguing woman he’s hired to investigate. She was just a job. Until she wasn’t…

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Finding Tuesday

by Savannah Scarborough

There’s one secret this small town doesn’t know…

Grace McAllister hasn’t seen or heard from her father since her mother left him twenty years before. Now, she receives word that Benjamin Troup McAllister has died and she’s expected to be present at the reading of his will.

Against her better judgment, Grace returns to Temple, Georgia, but soon wishes she hadn’t. Her father’s will not only disowns her, but also makes a postmortem denial of his paternity.

Shocked and humiliated, Grace turns to the least likely person she’d expect to help her. Mayfield Donovan was the bully of her childhood years, but as a sympathetic adult, he gladly joins Grace in her search for her real father.

As they sift through the memories of her mother’s life and the men who loved her, Grace and May yield to their own strong attraction. The facts they uncover may destroy that love, however, as they discover a secret so closely guarded not even the town of Temple—where everyone knows everybody’s business—knows it exists.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Enchanted Crossroads

by Dora Blume

A Vengeful God. An army of evil warlocks. An inexperienced witch, the world’s only hope…

Kaira’s life was going according to plan until the death of her mother revealed a world-shattering secret. She was a witch.

To save the world, Kaira’s going to have to find the sisters she didn’t know existed with powers she doesn’t know how to use.

Leif, the driven coven leader, rescues her from the warlocks trying to kill her. Their spark is instant. He’ll teach her how to be a witch if they don’t let their romance get in the way.

Armed with her new skills, aided by her love interest Leif, Kaira embarks on a quest to find her siblings and save the world!

If you love Charmed, supernatural suspense, and steamy romance, you’ll love this spellbinding adventure!

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Bad Company

by S.L. Sterling


From the moment we met, I despised Leah as much as she hated me. It only made matters worse when my mother became involved with her father. So, ten years ago, I moved away. But when I come back for the big anniversary party, the rivalry has disappeared and we’re being congratulated for putting aside our differences. What they don’t know is that if I get my way, tonight we’ll be sharing a room…


From the moment we met, I did everything to get Logan’s attention. All that he’d direct toward me were mean pranks often leaving me in tears. Even when he left for ten years, I still tried to get his attention. It took me a long time before I finally gave up. When Logan shows up unannounced for the big anniversary party, I expect the worst case of rivalry yet, but instead, we’re actually getting along, and everyone is thrilled. And when I end up finding out the truth of why he is back, it shocks me to my core.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


A Taste of Love

by Kyle Shoop

Dashing. Funny. Confident. Empathetic.
Two different men share these traits. Which one will Nikki pick?

Love is the sweetest adventure. One with more ingredients than just check-boxes. But when faced with two different recipes for love, which one will Nikki choose?

Fall in love with this new funny, heart-warming romance story where Nikki maneuvers finding love in the big city.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


24 Explicit and Erotic BDSM Stories for Dominants, Submissives, Men, Women, and Anyone Who is Curious

by Alexandra Noir

Ménage, Bondage, Discipline, Submission, MFM, Explicit Stories for Adults and more!

Inside are 24 stories of explicit BDSM, hypnosis, adventurous couples, and psychiatric experiments meant to cure sex addicts.

Alexandra Noir and Bambi Hammer are thrilled to bring you over 500 pages of erotic stories, based upon their perverse private lives.

In this bundle you’ll receive all ten stories in The Experiment, all of Four’s Company, Three’s Company, You Have the Right to Remain Submissive, and some single stories!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


Awaken: Sleeping Beauty Retold

by Demelza Carlton

A sleeping beauty. A kingdom frozen in time. Only one can save them all.
Once upon a time…
Lord Siward intended to go hunting, but when he stumbles upon a ruined castle and accidentally wakes the mysterious maiden sleeping inside, he knows his holiday is over.
With the kingdom in trouble, Siward should be protecting the realm, but every time Rosamond looks at him, he gets lost in the girl’s green eyes. Who is the mysterious beauty, and why does he feel she holds the key to the kingdom’s deliverance?

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Category: Fantasy Romance


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