Jewel of the Alien Bandit

by Sky Robert

A jewel to steal. A planet to save. A leader to love?

I’m supposed to be taking rulership of my planet when I find myself sneaking aboard an off-worlders’ ship.

It’s just my bad luck the last known shol male is a compatible mate, when being with him could jeopardize my entire species. I am a ruler, and it is my clan duty to mate for survival… not love. He can’t be mine if I wish to protect my planet from invasion.

I can’t keep him, but my mating loh react to his touch, and everything in me wants him to be mine.

A sci-fi fated-mates alien romance from Sky Roberts, first of the Treasures of Trillume series. This steamy, page-turning romance between an outlaw alien and the strong female ruler that wants him, will have you devouring every morsel towards their HEAFN.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

His Midnight Bride

by Natalie Highland

Lady Beatrice Allou has spent her life disregarded and abused by the people in her life that were supposed to protect her. When she is engaged by her father, she hopes that her life and fortunes will turn around.

But her husband to be is cut from the same cloth as her father and when he attempts the unthinkable, Bea is left with no choice but to flee.

England, where Omegas are protected by laws, is where Bea finds herself, but with no money and no prospects she has no choice but to disguise herself and work as a boy at a noble’s estate.

Lord Julius is puzzled by his new stable hand, he’s frightened, wary, and seems to want nothing to do with his Lord. But he refuses to have one of his staff fearful of him and does his best to put Jack at ease.

When Bea’s disguise fails, when she falls to her stress and worry, and Julius comes to care for her, will love bloom in the space carved in Bea by the neglect of her childhood?

Will love prove stronger than fear?

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Category: Historical Romance

Speak of the Demon

by Stacia Stark

I hunt demons.
I don’t work for them.
And I promised my mom one thing before she was murdered: Under no circumstances, would I ever go near the high demons.

But I’ll break that promise over and over again if it helps me avenge her death.

When my only lead turns to ash in the middle of demon territory, I’m suddenly a dead witch walking. Violence in Samael’s club is an automatic death sentence… unless he can use you.

And it turns out that the most powerful demon in the country has a use for little ol’ me.

Demons are being slaughtered. His demons. And as a bounty hunter, it’s up to me to find out who would dare hurt his people.

I’ve got two weeks to find the killer, and if I fail, I’m bonded to Samael. Forever.

Samael’s certain that I’ll be his, but I’m not the kinda girl who risks her freedom for a demon.

I’m the kinda girl who won’t let anyone get in the way of her vengeance— not even the Machiavellian control freak who thinks he can run my life.

The problem? I’ve pissed the wrong people off.

Now I’m the one being hunted, and someone’s coming for me with everything they have.

But I’m never more dangerous than when my back is up against the wall.

And I’m ready to come out swinging.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Demon Hunter Academy: RH Standalone

by Traci Lovelot

He pushed me back against the table. When his hands went for the button in my jeans, I groaned with need. His low voice at the shell of my ear made me wild with desire. “I think someone needs a birthday spanking.” Meet the three men who will help her reclaim her power at the Demon Hunter Academy!

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Midwife and the Orc

by Finley Fenn

She’s a witchy, plant-obsessed midwife who just wants to be left alone with her garden. Until the day the tall, mocking orc spy shows up at her cottage door…

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

by HP Mallory

For the first time ever, download the entire 39-book, New York Times bestselling series for .99 per book and enter the world of Jolie Wilkins, psychic turned witch turned Queen of the Underworld! Hurry and download today because this offer is expiring soon!

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Category: Paranormal Romance