Run Baby Run

by Margot Scott

When an ex-cop twice my age offers to take me in, I figure it’ll be temporary. But Jonah’s need to protect me goes beyond a warm bed. With him, I feel sweet. Soft. Precious. Like nothing can hurt me. Too bad the monsters lurking in my past have other plans.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Broken Lovers

by Cate Lane

Luke was Cassie’s first love, her first everything. But then he chose the life of a soldier over loving her. Smashing her young heart into a thousand pieces. Leaving her broken.
Luke could never forget the look on Cassie’s face when he left. But he had to go. Not once, through all those years did he forget her as he lived through the hell of war.
Now living a corporate billionaire lifestyle in Manhattan, the last person he ever thought he would see again, was her. One meeting and everything between them comes flashing back, chemistry burning as brightly as ever. Fate has given them a second chance and he’ll stop at nothing to get her back.
Everyone deserves a second chance.

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Category: Military Romance

Unexpected Ever After

by Silla Webb and Other Authors

Meet. Fall in love. Live happily ever after…

It’s the way it should be.
At least, that’s what we’ve been told.
But that’s only in fairytales.
Real life throws twists and turns.
It will flip you upside down and inside out.
Yet, love will appear when you least expect it.
In the most unusual of places.
Under the worst of circumstances.
It can bring light to situations so dark you can barely see.
Hope where none lived before.
Passion where only pain lies.
It can surprise you and heal the deepest of wounds.
As long as you’re willing to embrace the unexpected ever after…

Unexpected Ever After brings you 17 brand new contemporary romance stories about finding love in the unexpected! Laugh, cry,

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Category: Contemporary Romance

His Sub

by Ellis O. Day

Terry is rich, attractive and all Dom.
When he sees something he likes, he gets it.
His women are hot, successful and experienced in BDSM.
Until he meets Maggie.
She’s not his usual type. She’s round, lush and a hot mess of a woman.
It’s obvious she doesn’t belong at La Petite Mort Club. When she gets herself into a situation, he has no choice but to rescue her.

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Category: Erotic Romance


by Steffanie Holmes

They’re determined to ruin me.
Not if I ruin them first.

I have one chance left for a career in music,
but my new beginning comes with strings attached.

Three cruel, depraved, and beautiful strings
who aren’t used to losing.
They won’t let the charity case ruin their fun.

But I have one thing they don’t.
I have nothing left to lose.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Drowning in You

by Amanda Siegrist

From USA Today bestselling authors Jane Blythe and Amanda Siegrist comes a thrilling, keeps-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense filled with loss, obsession, and love.

He has a choice to make. Face his fear … or watch her die.

For Rose Gowan the death of her best friend means she no longer has a confidante—someone to keep her secrets, someone who knew all her insecurities—and she’s not sure she’s brave enough to let anyone else in. Until she meets the detective working her friend’s case. He gives her hope for a future she had thought she’d never have, but he can be possessive, and she promised her best friend that she would never let anyone control her again.

Death is a part of life. It’s not something Detective Carter Dixson likes to dwell on, but working in the homicide division, he has no choice. He does his job, and he does it well. When his latest case brings Rose into his life, he finally has something other than his pain from his past to focus on. She makes him smile, his heart beat faster, and actually feel happy for the first time since his brother died. He’s not afraid of falling in love too fast. But he is afraid of one thing—losing Rose the same way he lost his brother.

↝ Trigger warning – Graphic violence and themes of sexual assault ↜

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Holiday With You

by Claudia Burgoa

USA TODAY Bestselling authors Claudia Burgoa and Grahame Claire bring you an enchanting single dad holiday romance that’s sweet and full of light.

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Category: Contemporary Romance