Blood Always

by Jill Ramsower

It was an arranged marriage—something that should have been a simple business transaction—but nothing is ever as easy as it seems. He saw her untamed independence as a challenge. She saw his alluring authority as a threat. The moment their paths collided, their lives were altered irrevocably—from enemies allied by a strategic marriage to something dark and consuming.
Something that tasted like obsession.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Billionaire for the Night

by Stacy-Deanne

During a charity event where hot billionaires have agreed to be auctioned off for a night, Kelly finally gets her chance to be with the man she’s been lusting after… her filthy rich employer James.

And tonight, she’s the boss.

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Category: Interracial Romance

Lose Your Shirt

by Amanda Aksel

They call me the money guy, and not just because I was born a billionaire. I’m the future CEO of Bonnaire Enterprises—a role just out of reach because of some frivolous lawsuit. Now, the only way to secure my future at the company is to take on a fake fiancé and keep my hands to myself.

It’s not going to be easy, especially with my new client . . . Liz, that stunning, feisty American whose lips I’ll never get over.

Stealing glances across the conference room table isn’t enough . . . for either of us. But do I really want to risk it all and lose my shirt for her?

Abso-f$$$ing-lutely, I do.

Lose Your Shirt is a holiday billionaire office romance. If you like bad boys in suits and snow ball fights after office hours, then you’ll love this steamy story.

Lose Your Shirt is Book Two in The Londonaire Brothers Series but is enjoyed as a stand-alone.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Wild Card Undercover

by Kari Lemor

Some gambles are worth the risk . . .

Trapped in the nightmare of Miami’s illicit underworld, Meg O’Hara has no choice but work for a high-stakes criminal to repay a debt. Freedom is a pipe dream, until FBI agent Christopher Shaunessy offers her a way out. It won’t be easy, especially playing the role of lover to the charismatic agent. Getting the goods on her boss could mean her life, a risk she’ll take to be rid of the rat’s vulgar advances.
Chris Shaunessy doesn’t break rules, but working with Meg is pushing even his well-honed control to the limit. Personal involvement should never mix in the sordid world of organized crime. They’re playing a perilous game. Giving into temptation could be his biggest mistake because the kisses they share might be more dangerous than the case…

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Running Target

by Kari Lemor

A deadly game of cat and mouse . . .

FBI agent Jack Holland courted a death wish falling for Callie Lansing. Her friendship with Angelo Cabrini, son of a New Jersey mob boss, was not what it seemed. But Angelo’s death at the hands of Jack, even in self-defense, had disastrous consequences: Jack, now a wanted man and Callie, raising their son alone.
The Cabrinis have cost Jack everything, but he’ll never regret the birth of his son, Jonathan. With a vengeful Victor Cabrini after him, Jack stays on the run. Keeping Callie and Jonathan safe means letting the crime boss believe Jonathan is his grandchild. But if the mobster discovers the truth before Jack can put him behind bars, his secret family may pay the ultimate price…

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