A Lady’s First Scandal

by Merry Farmer

Four years ago, Lady Cecelia Campbell fell head over heels in love with Lord Rupert Marlowe, the young Earl of Stanhope.

But then Rupert took up a commission as an officer in the army and left England.

Now Rupert has returned, but will he get a second chance to woo and win Cecelia, now that she has become a strong and independent woman?

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Category: Historical Romance

Romancing Bermuda

by Sassy Monroe

Mismatched partners. A hunt for pirate gold. When sparks start flying, will they discover
love is the true prize?
Vicky is set on an adventure. While studying a museum painting linked to riches lost at sea, the bold art historian is ready to dismiss a muscled hunk who’s gorgeous… but so rude. But when she learns her employer expects them to be teammates looking for sunken loot, her irritation wars with waves of undeniable attraction.

Miller has buried a broken heart under a tough shell. Discovering a simmering chemistry with his beautiful companion, the Navy SEAL fears the job is too dangerous for the inexperienced treasure hunter. But after he bungles his attempt to leave her behind, the normally unflappable military man struggles to deal with her fury and their extremely passionate kiss.

Romancing Bermuda is the action-packed first book in the Romancing The Treasure Standalone Series. If you like feisty heroines, enemies-to-lovers attractions, and piracy on the high seas, then you’ll adore Sassy Monroe’s spicy quest.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

The Wedding Plan: A Best Friend’s Sister Standalone Romance

by Rebecca Castle

My best friend’s sister. We grew up together, but explosively parted ways.
Now my best friend is getting married. I’m the best man, and she’s the maid of honor.
I promised my best friend I would never touch his sister. I made that pinky promise when we were kids.
But can I really keep that childhood pact when I see her again, all grown up?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Faking It For The Boss

by Lydia Hall

A fake engagement ring around my finger was not supposed to lead to real feelings…
And a crazy ex gone crazier.

But that’s just how life is at times – crazy and unpredictable.

Tom was my boss.
He was the last man I thought I’d be intimate with.
And yet, there I was… spending the night with him like my career meant nothing to me.
On top of that, our little ruse backfired because his ex became even more interested in him after seeing us together.

Speaking of complications, I could only hope that Tom had his intentions in the right place.
I’d be crushed if I felt like he was using me.
Especially now that I knew I was pregnant with twins.

I was scared, lonely, and confused. Was this one giant mistake or would my gigantic news end up uniting us?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Daisy Creek Brides

by Amelia Rose

Daisy Creek is a small and simple town… but for four determined women, it’s the backdrop for romance and adventure. Follow Jill, Mary, Daphne, and Eloise as they fight for love in four captivating stories of passion.

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance

Honor: The Billionaire Bae

by Amber Ghe

Zea: The day we bumped into each other after eight long years, the LUST in his eyes told me we had UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

This time my actions screamed grown woman.

And, despite my past indiscretions towards this man.

He had me breaking all my rules… AGAIN.

Honor: Eight years ago, I had a breakthrough and a breakdown on the same day.

When my fiancé walked out of my life with no explanation, leaving me to figure it out.

After that, I didn’t do relationships. I was dead inside.

Instead, I pushed myself to build a billion-dollar business with my siblings.

A legacy.

I vowed to see it through till the end.

Still, I never knew how I would respond if I saw her again… until it happened.

Her touch sent a warming shiver through me.

I had to punish her. I wanted to punish her.

But I couldn’t. See, she was giving me new life along with a reason to fight through my darkest days to come.

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Category: African American Romance

The Weakest Wolf

by Eve Bale

Weak things never live long in the Stone pack.
So to survive, I had to make myself strong.

This pack took everything I loved from me.

They shattered my heart into pieces so small that I knew I could never leave until I made them pay. No matter the cost. To myself, or to my wolf.

For years, I pretended to be something I wasn’t.

Until he came. Our new alpha, Galen Hunt.

Now my survival depends on dodging the pack, who have a new target in their sights.


Galen promises he’ll protect me from the pack’s cruel games, but the cost is far too high.

My secrets are mine. And my body? He can lay claim to it all he wants, but that doesn’t make me his.

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Category: Paranormal Romance