Saving Grace

by Beverley Oakley

1878 – Madame Chambon’s girls are distinguished by the aristocrats and princes who flock to her high-class House of Assignation for intellectual and sensual diversion.

Beautiful, cultured, and intelligent Grace Fortune is the most popular of them all.

But as Grace prepares for her next job as the special initiation ‘gift’ procured by a mother in fashionable Mayfair for her son’s twenty-first birthday, Grace has planned a diversion of a different kind.

One that will give her satisfaction for the wrongs that plunged her into this hated life.

However, when Grace crosses the threshold of the address where she once served in a very different capacity, nothing goes as expected.

What lies in wait?

A revenge plan thoroughly executed?

Or something altogether more satisfying?

What the Readers Say: ” ‘Pretty Woman’ set in Victorian London.

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Category: Historical Romance


Turn Back Time

by Annette G. Anders

Three years ago, a book and a song led Stella to the love of her life. Two years later, he shattered her heart. Determined to shake off the memories of the fateful day, Stella promises herself she’ll move forward. Little does she know, when she accepts her best friend’s invitation to a week-long trip to France, that the ghosts of her past will come roaring back.

David has reached the pinnacle of his career, but loneliness is a painful price to pay for being in the spotlight. When he catches a fleeting glimpse of Stella a year after their breakup, David realizes he has one chance to win her back. If he fails to earn Stella’s trust again, he’ll be cursed to follow in the footsteps of one of literature’s most haunted and desolate characters—the one he brings to life night after night.

What will it take for Stella and David to remember their dreams, and to believe in their future?

TURN BACK TIME is a story about forgiveness, second chances—and believing in yourself.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

In Due Time

by Annette G. Anders

Naomi Winters compares every boyfriend to the one man who’s out of reach. When wedding bells start ringing around her, she’s determined to go after her own happily-ever-after and make Revan see what’s always been right in front of his eyes. There are only a couple of minor problems… He’s one of her best friends, and he thinks of her as a—sister!

Adventures are part of Revan Forrester’s life. The camera is his steady girlfriend, and there’s absolutely no room for diamond rings or diaper duty. Until the woman he remembers as a pesky girl gives the word adventure a new meaning. But he stoically refuses to let conflicting feelings ruin his lifelong friendship with the woman he suddenly sees in a different light.

While they’re having a rousing, emotional tug-of-war, someone else is tired of watching from the sidelines and is quietly shortening the rope.

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Hannah’s Hanky

by Kirsten Osbourne

She’s forced into marriage. He’s about to brave the West. Will their unlikely pairing keep the trail of love alive?
Independence, Missouri, 1852. Her father’s tragic death set Hannah Moseby emotionally adrift. And after her mother remarries, her new stepfather makes no secret of his disdain for her. And he soon delivers a shocking ultimatum: Marry a religious man heading west… or face the world alone.

Preacher Jedediah Scott always felt the guiding hand of God. So after a stranger offers his stepdaughter in holy matrimony, he’s certain that the Lord’s wisdom must be at work. And when he finally encounters the sweet young lady, he’s drawn to her the second their gaze meets.

Despite her new husband’s kindness, Hannah fears she’s not cut out to be a preacher’s wife once they’re facing the hardships of the Oregon Trail. And as Jedediah falls hard for his Heaven-sent bride, he prays that she will learn to love him as well.

Will they survive the perils of the untamed West and embrace their newfound bond?

Hannah’s Hanky is the sweeping first tale in the Clover Creek Caravan historical Western romance series. If you like heartfelt connections, adventurous wagon-trails, and a delightful peek into the past, then you’ll adore Kirsten Osbourne’s unforgettable story.

Buy Hannah’s Hanky to pioneer a path to passion today!

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Category: Historical Romance


Consumed by the Stormbrought

by Maddie Syn

Ember is a woman on the run. From her problems, mostly. But when she is snatched out of thin air and wakes up in the care of a straight-laced alien warrior, her whole world is turned upside down.

When Kiango grabbed Ember, he thought she was just a stepping stone to securing his legacy as a Guardian. Now, he’s fighting to keep her close while enemies within his circle try to tear them apart.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


Purple Hearts

by Arthur Archambeau

Everyone has a war story to tell

A jaded cop struggling to come to terms with her past falls for an idealistic former Marine-turned-cat rescuer on the crime-infested streets of West Baltimore.

Hope Kennedy is a cynical Baltimore cop. Her beat is the Mondawmin area of West Baltimore—the most dangerous neighborhood in America’s most dangerous city. And she’s struggling—unsuccessfully—to overcome a terrible event that has come to shape her life. Hope’s become angry and bitter. She’s spiraling out of control. Hope has lost hope.

Luke Matthews is a decorated Marine Corps combat veteran. He received the Purple Heart for a wound inflicted in Afghanistan. Now, he works as a carpenter for a nonprofit that builds homes for disabled vets. In his spare time, he volunteers with a local cat rescue. But Luke’s battling his own demons. He’s haunted by the war. Specifically, by a fog of war experience—a tragic accident—that has left him racked with guilt.

When Hope and Luke meet in a dingy alley, it’s anything but love at first sight. But a near-fatal accident a week later forges a bond. Eventually, in the middle of a cold Baltimore winter, a romance heats up. Little-by-little, Hope and Luke help one another feel alive again.

But Hope doesn’t know how to process her past, a past that is now jeopardizing her future. And as she and Luke get closer, she questions whether she’s worthy of his love.

Can two wounded, badly bruised, purple hearts come together and help one another heal?

Purple Hearts is a story about life and death, joy and sorrow, laughter and tears—and ultimately, hope. All wrapped in the love of two perfectly imperfect human beings.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Blue Hawaiian

by Carla Luna

The first rule of serving as the maid of honor at your perfect sister’s destination wedding? No mistakes.
The second rule? No drama.

For Jess Chavez, a week in Maui is hardly a dream vacation—not when her sister expects her to be the perfect maid of honor. Not only does Jess have to fake perfection, but she can’t let anyone know she’s unemployed and barely scraping by. Above all, she needs to steer clear of Connor Blackwood, the sexy groomsman who broke her heart five years ago.

A family wedding offers Connor the ideal opportunity to convince everyone he’s no longer an irresponsible playboy. If they see he’s changed, they might support his decision to leave the family winery and strike out on his own. With so much at stake, the last thing he needs is an alluring distraction like Jess.

When Jess and Connor end up together, exploring the island’s lush, tropical beauty, the sparks between them become impossible to ignore. Throwing caution to the wind, they decide to make their own rules.

Five days of passion. No strings. No tears. No promises. What could possibly go wrong?

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Category: Romantic Comedy


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