The Legacy: Semester 1

by Amelia Shaw

From nerdy bookworm to Fae Slayer in training.

I hate surprises. Discovering I come from a long line of Fae Slayers and must give up my position at a prestigious college to attend a Slayer Academy? Worst. Surprise. Ever.

But fighting to stay at the top of the class is nothing compared to fighting to survive. And if six month without cell reception doesn’t kill me, the deadly weapons and mysteriously hot, but possibly evil guys might be the end of me either way.

Weapons classes, unexpected passion, and forbidden love await in this Why Choose Paranormal Romance.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Doctor of Beauty

by Grace Maxwell

Our former fairy tale romance transformed into a bitter rivalry. Once upon a time, he was my Prince Charming, but now I’ve become his enemy.

Haunted by the death of a dear friend, I wielded my power as a journalist to expose a grave injustice. Tragically, he was blamed for her death. The fallout was swift and severe. Now, my newspaper has closed its doors, leaving me desperate for a captivating story that could resurrect my career.

Fate, it seems, has a twisted sense of irony. The very man that was blamed finds himself at the heart of a heartwarming tale that captivates the world’s attention. Eager to redeem myself, I seize the opportunity to craft an uplifting narrative around the doctor’s remarkable achievements. But standing in my way is the formidable wall of his unwavering resentment. He views me as an adversary, an irredeemable foe.

As the battle lines are drawn, we find ourselves entangled in a tumultuous dance of hurt, guilt, and ambition. Beneath the simmering animosity, however, lies a shared history and a profound connection that refuses to fade. If only he could find it in his heart to forgive me, to see past my past transgressions, we can harness our combined strength and accomplish something monumental.

Doctor of Beauty is a gripping tale of forgiveness and redemption. Will they be able to put aside their differences and set aside their personal anger and distrust for the sake of a greater cause? Can they reconcile their fractured past and forge a path towards forgiveness? In this high-stakes battle, love, trust, and the power of second chances will collide, paving the way for an extraordinary and life-altering journey.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Stormy Waters

by DK Marie

She hides her turmoil under a sea of calm. His past won’t leave him alone. Can they weather the tempest to find their perfect match?

Eden Perez carries many regrets. Returning to Michigan for a twelve-month fellowship after ten years in California, the surgeon longs to forge a bond with the daughter she left behind as an infant. But when her careful plans end in a muddy mess and her landlord comes to the rescue, she’s quick to repay his good deed by filling in as a bartender at the handsome man’s restaurant.

Tate Siren has taken a vow of solitude. Ditching a high-stress job and an abusive relationship, the business owner tries to ignore how his heart skips every time he sets eyes on his stunning tenant. But when her mixology skills help him out of a bind, working side-by-side makes it impossible to escape their simmering attraction.

Feeling unworthy of a happy ending, Eden struggles to believe a fresh start with the easy-going entrepreneur can be smooth sailing. And after Tate’s vindictive ex crashes the party and threatens to tear them apart, he fears his hopes for a balmy life with the gorgeous doc could be sunk forever.

Caught in a squall of lies and secrets, can they set sail for sunny skies?

Stormy Waters is the standalone second book in the heartfelt Lake House Love contemporary romance series. If you like relatable heroes, small-town backdrops, and humor to go with the steam, then you’ll adore DK Marie’s splash of joy.

Buy Stormy Waters to cast off for paradise today!

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Starting Over in Sedona: A Later-in-Life Romance

by Lynne M. Spreen

When Sue learns she’ll inherit her childhood homestead, the pain of widowhood begins to lift. She’ll move to Arizona and make a fresh start. But when she arrives, she is horrified to learn that the homestead is a landfill. Worse, she must share her inheritance with the town’s most successful land developer. He wants to sell. She wants to turn it into an art colony. Now, they’re pitted against each other for control of the land–and their hearts.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Corviticus University: Sea Cursed

by JE Cluney

When a primal, instinctual siren with a hunger finds herself being forced to assimilate, she discovers her kind are being hunted. Three men step in to help her, and her instincts push her to take what she wants. Can she fight her desire and work with them to save her people?
This is a steamy PNR Academy RH, book 1 of a trilogy.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Forbidden and Explicit Erotica for Adults – Sixty Six Book Bundle: Ménage, cuckolding, kink, dominance, submission, and more!

by Christi Cabernet

Christi Cabernet and the happy ladies of Kumquat Publishing are thrilled to bring you this GIANT EROTICA BUNDLE!
These stories are penned by authors who use their own sensual adventures as inspiration. Our intention is to make your toes curl and heart quicken! These stories include ménage, gangings, multi-partner escapades, BDSM and more!

If you enjoy explicit adult action, this bundle has what you are looking for! Whether your specific picadillo is interracial, cuckolding, or just a variety of explicit action we have you covered!

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Category: Erotic Romance

High Bar

by Ivy Nelson

Five years ago, my life changed forever.

I spent two nights with a stunning woman I’ll never forget, but I pushed her away because a relationship was impossible.
Then I came to Vegas with the second-born sons of three rival crime families with the goal of making it a neutral ground for our families.
So far, it’s worked.
We’ve prevented an all-out mafia war.
The problem?
Skylar is back and I still want her.
She’s a distraction I don’t need, but she’s about to learn that being mine isn’t easy.
I’ll test her, push her, and show her how high the bar is for pleasing me.
But if she says yes, I’m never letting her go again.

Even if that means war.

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Category: BDSM