Wish: Aladdin Retold

by Demelza Carlton

A sultan’s daughter. A pretend prince. Can a genie make all their wishes come true?
Once upon a time…
When Princess Maram and street rat Aladdin meet in the marketplace, sparks fly, and Aladdin swears to move heaven and earth in order to make the lovely courtesan his wife. He steals a magic lamp with a genie inside, thinking all his troubles are over…only to find they have barely begun.
Can Aladdin win the princess’s hand without losing his head?

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Category: Fantasy Romance



by Sydney Campbell

Allie Styles thinks she’s finally met the perfect man – he’s smart, funny, and sexy as hell – too bad she’s dating his roommate. She knows she should stay away, but the chemistry between them is electric… and completely irresistible.

Enjoy a great story, a swoon-worthy romance, and scorching-hot bedroom scenes? Dive into this first-in-series and fall head over heels with these star-crossed lovers.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Shifter Vengeance

by Jack Bowman

If I thought my mom’s death of a heart attack was tragic, it had nothing on the death of my aunt at the hands of a shapeshifter.

I set out for revenge against the shifter, with the image of it eating my aunt’s heart in front of me constantly playing and replaying in my mind. But I didn’t have a single clue as to how to find and kill the shapeshifter.

Enter Derek Bentley, a hot hunk of burning love I met in school who I discover to be a werewolf. But unlike the shapeshifter, who’s out for more blood and finish me off, Derek wanted to protect and help me avenge my aunt’s death.

We team up together to fight and kill this shapeshifter as I slowly, but surely, start to fall in love…with a monster.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Shifter Damned

by Jack Bowman

I was no longer Ericka Jones, normal teenage girl. I was now Ericka Jones, a monster hunter who was trying to be the second human on this planet to kill a shapeshifter.

The mission to kill the shifter and avenge my aunt takes Derek and I to New Orleans, where a book of supernatural knowledge about killing all types of monsters, including shapeshifters, is located.

But it won’t be easy finding it. My werewolf/love interest and I need to find the only person who knows the whereabouts of this book – a witch.

I was too deep in this shit to turn back now. I’ve entered the world of the supernatural and there won’t be an exit out of it any time soon.

One way or the other, I’m going to kill this shapeshifter, or die trying.

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Savage Seed: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

by Ivy Sparks

After crash landing onto a desert planet, I’m as good as dead. But then Kade appears above the dunes.

With his rippling muscles, long raven hair, and intricate tribal tattoos, he should terrify me. Instead, he enthralls me.

The silent savage wants to make me his. But if I go with him, what happens to me after?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


The Bench: Single Dads Second Chance Romance

by Jess K Hardy

Public defender James has refused to date since his divorce, but the gorgeous dad he met at the playground has him reconsidering. Unfortunately, Noah is straight.

City planner Noah can’t stop thinking about James. Over a steamy summer, he’ll discover even his broken, uncertain heart can find love.

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Category: LGBT Romance


Falling in Love With You: The Murphy Clan—the Falling in Love Series

by Kathy Coatney

She married the wrong man. He married out of duty.

The instant Abby O’Hara laid eyes on Jon Sullivan, she knew he was the one, but he always saw her as a friend. After Jon is diagnosed with ALS, Abby is finally able to convince him that her love is strong enough for both of them.

Noah Murphy fell hard and fast for Abby, but she only had eyes for his best friend Jon. When Noah finally professes his love, he sees the truth written on her face. Brokenhearted, he takes comfort in the arms of another woman. But Noah never forgets his one true love—Abby. Two decisions changed the course of their lives.

Now, twenty years later, they’re both single again, with another shot at love. But second chances don’t come with guarantees, and just when Noah believes he’s finally going to win Abby’s heart, disaster strikes.

Get your copy today because friends to lovers last forever!

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


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