Love, Daddy

by Margot Scott

I tracked down my ex-cellmate’s daughter to tell her the truth: all the letters she received from her daddy in prison? They weren’t written by her father. But when I’m faced with the pink-haired, tattooed hairstylist with a body like a winding backroad, I can’t bring myself to confess my sins—or say no when she invites me over for more than just dinner.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Steel Vengeance

by CC Gedling

A misunderstanding wrenched Liam and Chloe apart years ago. The events tore Chloe down, and she must refind her strength. Liam built his empire and allowed their timeless love to be corrupted. When his machinations throw them back together, will he remain hell-bent on revenge, or will he learn he was wrong and have to beg for forgiveness?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

My Funny Demon Valentine

by Aurora Ascher

Asmodeus just wants to play music. Jazz, specifically.

Unfortunately, he’s a demon, and he’s cursed. Being a musician isn’t an option.

Everything changes when Ash meets a beautiful violinist who can see through his curse. It must be too good to be true, but he can’t resist the temptation.

Eva is just your average human. She works at a jazz bar, plays gigs on weekends… and hallucinates demons.

At least that’s what she thinks happens when, moments after she meets the man of her dreams, he shifts into a seven-foot-tall, red-skinned monster.

Not believing her eyes, Eva investigates and is soon caught in a supernatural clusterf**k of epic proportions. But Ash isn’t the only one keeping secrets, and the search for answers reveals a truth that will change her life forever.

Or maybe just doom it.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Highland Raven

by Melanie Karsak

From New York Times bestselling author Melanie Karsak, a gripping historical fantasy romance.

Destined to become Queen of Scotland.
Bound by blood to the Celtic gods.

Scotland, 1026–Descendant of the line of MacAlpin, Gruoch should have been born into a life of ease. But fate is fickle. Her father’s untimely death, rumored to have been plotted by King Malcolm, leaves her future uncertain and stained by the prophecy that she will avenge her family line.

Escaping to one of the last strongholds of the old Celtic gods, Gruoch becomes an adept in arcane craft. Her encounters with the otherworld, however, suggest that magic runs stronger in Scotland than she ever imagined.

Haunted by dreams of a raven-haired man she’s never met, Gruoch soon feels her fate is not her own. She is duty-bound to wed a powerful lord, if not the Prince himself; however, she’s not sure she can stop her heart when she meets Banquo, a gallant highlander and druid.

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Category: Historical Romance

When the Earl Falls in Love

by Jessie Clever

As a confirmed wallflower, Lady Audrey D’Arcy dreams of the day she’ll officially be on the shelf and out from under society’s, and her mother’s, critical eye. But when she encounters a handsome stranger in a cloakroom, her dreams for the future are suddenly not so clear.

Dashiell Evers, the Earl of Amberley, has lived a life meant for his dead brother. So when he encounters a bold wallflower in the dark confines of a cloakroom, he knows he’s found the one person who is meant for him and only him.

But when she refuses his attentions, the two strike a bargain instead. He will not pursue courtship with her if she will allow him to teach her the freedoms afforded a spinster.

Except what neither of them bargain for is love.

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Category: Historical Romance

I Choose You

by Weston Parker

The ugly duckling from my high school is back in my life, and she’s all I can think about. But she’s off limits, and the only one I’d want on my arm, in my bed, my lap…you get the picture. The issue is my twin brother, and I used to bully this girl. I chose her. Whether she chooses me or not.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Gum Tree Girl

by Kalpana Iyer

Single mum/aspiring teacher Sydney Cartwright ventures out from the caravan park she’s always called home to make a better life for herself and her daughter, and attracts the attention of a love-struck stranger.

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Category: Contemporary Romance