Hers to Keep

by Avery Samson

Can he let her go, or will he be hers to keep?

Friends don’t let friends have boring birthdays. Now Isabella finds herself staring at the birthday present she never counted on. It’s a present she knows will only cause problems, but who can resist tall, dark, and handsome?

Grayson is a rising star in the financial world. Control, logic, and intellect dictate his every move. He never counted on the sultry, driven beauty he’s been bought for by a mutual friend. Can he loosen his carefully guarded control for a chance at true love?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Too Complicated

by Ajme Williams

I’m in love with the man that was hired to keep tabs on me.
Turns out, I’m the one keeping tabs now because he’s my neighbor
…and he’s hot!

I was still able to think straight until I found out Noel had a son.
All my common sense went out the window when I watched him care for the kid.
The kid that his psycho ex just left at his door.

Yes, the last thing Noel wanted was another relationship.
And the last thing I wanted was heartbreak.

So I made a deal with myself that I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep.
Three words were all I needed to remember: No strings attached.
I was prepared for everything except… the two pink lines on a stick.

Noel was about to be a father again.
Was the hot single billionaire ready for another shock of his life?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Step Stories (Books 10-12)

by Bella Beaumont

When Arnold Brandt leaves town for a week for work, it opens the floodgates for his son Dom, leaving him alone with his raunchy stepmom Julia and stepsister Maddi. He can’t decide between the two, but he might not have to…

Once Arnold returns, kinky Maddi bombards her stepdaddy, but Arnold’s needy wife doesn’t want to be left out. It reveals a taboo secret that’s been itching to get discovered…

Finally, it’s Dom’s last football game of the year. He’s promised the whole family a time they’ll never forget afterwards, and he plans to make good on it, as the rowdy step family finally comes together at last!

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Category: Erotica

Taken by the Pikosa Warlord: A Barbarian Romance

by Elizabeth Stephens

Warlord Ero was beginning to suspect that one among the new captives would be a problem. Halima spoke his language and it seemed she intended to wield it as a weapon. He’d have to kill her first, but the signs spelled out an edict too dangerous to ignore: Mine. She was his. But was she his salvation or his downfall?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Brackish Boss

by Lily J. Adams

Eva Rosencrantz is all grown up. We were enemies when we were kids, but now all I can think about is getting her in my bed.

When we were teenagers, I’d never leave her alone. I bullied and ridiculed Eva until she left for school in a different city.
But her dad continued to work for my family. And now, Eva has some big shoes to fill.

She should be happy for the opportunity to work with us – the Mancini Family rules this city. But Eva has a moral code, one that doesn’t include sleeping with the mafia bully who ruined her life when she was younger.

Except I know deep down under all this hate, there’s heat and passion unlike with anybody else. And I’ve now made it my goal to make Eva submit to me… one way or another.

Outrunning danger becomes more and more important as both Eva and I fall deeper into a dark rabbit hole… We’ll need to outrun the real bad guys before we think about our future together. But can we?

Brackish Boss is a standalone MC mafia romance with alpha males who will do everything and anything to protect the women they love. Brackish Boss is Book Two of the Mancini Crime Family series with HEAs that will have you craving a mafia man of your own!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

The Underglow

by Teshelle Combs

Aurelie Kendrick hasn’t spoken a word since she was a young girl. Lucky for her, vampires, known in her world simply as “pyres” like Alexander don’t speak either. But in a dark world where pyres are enslaved, forced to drink the blood of their masters, can the speechless find a voice?

From the episode entitled, “A Cross Pyre And An Impatient Young Woman.”
I confessed to myself that I had paid very little attention to the countless governesses who attempted to explain the general rules of romantic engagement for Femmes of my stature and upbringing. But despite my lack of knowledge of general rules, I had a general sense that I was breaking them, whatever they were. Generally speaking, of course.

Closer should have made me nervous. I was not nervous, however, and so closer I went until there was no separation between his hips and mine. This was a relief to me—one difficult to explain. For I did not think there could ever be such closeness between another living thing and myself. Truly, I did not think, though they claimed to desire it, that any other living thing wanted to be so close to me.

“You withhold”, Alexander meant to me, pulling my bottom lip between his before pressing his mouth fully to mine. I felt only the slightest prick of his fangs, for he had not lengthened them. With my head nearly swimming, I wondered if he would sink those fangs into me as he once did. But no. Instead, he intended. “I will be patient”.

I detested patience. It was a monster that society told its victims was required, but really, it only convinced us all to work longer hours while they fattened us up for the slaughter. What is the point of patience? Who does it serve but the impatient ones?

I wrapped my arms around his waist and held firmly, but he released my grip rather easily.

“Patience”. With a last touch of his thumb to my lip and a final probe of his considerate eyes, he stepped away. “I will find who hurt you”.

The Underglow
An Elegant And Haunting Tale Of Romance, Intrigue, And Adventure
From the Mind Of Teshelle Combs

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Category: Fantasy Romance

The Billionaire Offer

by Ali Parker

She’s my best friend’s little sister and the woman of my dreams. She needs funding to reach her dreams—good thing I’m a billionaire. And she’s far too proud for charity. I need a fake date on my bucket list trip to do and see all of the things I want to experience. There’s no one I would rather go with than her. So I create an offer she can’t refuse.

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Category: Contemporary Romance