Taken by Lies

by Ella Miles

I was kidnapped by a boy I thought I could love. Then he sold me as if I were property. For three years I endured. Beatings. Torture. Pain. I never broke. I was strong, determined, resilient. But then one day it happened. I broke free. I should have run away, found a new life, and started over. Instead, I returned. To find the man who sold me.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Anyone But the Earl

by Irene Davis

A headstrong heiress…
Daughter of a wealthy New York family, Octavia Sewell is on track to be the next American heiress married into the British aristocracy. Her mother is thrilled—Octavia is not.

An unwanted earl…
The Earl of Brackley is a detestable bore, and there are much more interesting prospects among the rowing friends of Octavia’s brother.

…and a scandal in the making!
Octavia has a plan to make herself unmarriageable, and she’s determined to pick her own partner for the endeavor. But who knew that offering your virginity to a man was quite so awkward an endeavor?

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Category: Historical Romance


Married to the Rake

by Samantha Holt

Working with the handsome, and far too charming Mr.Waverly to end a family feud is…interesting Especially when he seems to be less concerned with ending the feud and more interested in Chloe. Can she really trust him or is this just another way for his family to get their revenge on hers?

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Category: Historical Romance


Love in the Time of Wormholes: A Sci-fi Second Chance Romance (Ignisar Book 1)

by Jess K Hardy

Sunastara Jeka is passionate about meeting the needs of the species vacationing aboard her interstellar pleasure cruise during the day, and avoiding attachments when a guest meets her needs at night. Sunny’s life is simple, straightforward, and safe until a former one-night stand becomes her newest crew member.

Freddie hasn’t forgotten Sunny. He’s ecstatic to see her again until she tells him she never dates her coworkers. Determined not to lose this confident, sexy, hysterical woman again, Freddie bides his time, pursuing a purely professional relationship with Sunny when they’re on the clock, while he slowly charms her senseless after hours.

As Sunny breaks her own rules about workplace romance, her tragic past and a heartbreaking betrayal thrust her orderly life into chaos. When a hostile species holidays aboard the ship, Sunny and Freddie must decide. Will they let the gravity of their pasts keep them apart, or risk it all for love and fight for their future together?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


Billion Dollar Mistake

by K.C. Crowne

I should have listened to reason.
Now, I’m married to an infuriatingly cocky billionaire.

It started with an innocent crush.
The popular boy from the wealthy side of town.
And a dorky girl he teased mercilessly.

Fast forward and the boy I wanted is now a man.
Nothing like the star of my teenage fantasies.
He’s ruggedly handsome and charming.
Charismatic. Confident. Sexy.

I figured there’s no way he’d ever notice me.
Turns out he did.
In fact, he needs me to be his new fake wife!
He says I’ll get my dream job if I agree.

One problem remains.
This was supposed to be a temporary arrangement.

But the two little babies growing in my belly are here to stay!!!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Just For Him

by Gia Bailey

There is only one woman in the world who could melt this grumpy billionaire’s heart… and she just happens to be his wife.

They call me the Beast of the Bosporus. Fierce, mean, and cruel. They aren’t wrong.
I have no illusions about love, family, or marriage.
I had no intention of making space in my life for anyone, including my arranged wife.
But I wasn’t prepared for who my wife would be.
Now, nothing will ever be the same.
It will take every single shred of strength to maintain my self-control and stay unaffected.
It will take all my will to deny what I know when I look at her.
That we were fated, right from the start.

Fulfilling my duty to my father’s memory didn’t seem the worst thing in the world.
For my parents, arranged marriages were common.
I had no idea that it would be to the coldest and most arrogant man in the city.
Now, Emre thinks he can control me and forget about me.
But I know I affect him more than he wants, and I’ll use it every way I can.
I have a suspicion that my husband isn’t quite the monster he wants everyone to believe.
I have a feeling that there’s a real man under his gruff exterior, and I want to know him.
I won’t let him go, without a fight.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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