Second Chance Ranch

by Jenna Hendricks

She was destroyed when he left. He regrets the pain he caused. Can God help them mend their broken hearts?
Montana veterinarian Elizabeth Manning is living the life of her dreams. Dating the hottest guy in town, healing animals, and helping the homeless makes her feel she’s doing God’s work. So when the boy who broke her heart returns after ten years, she refuses to dig up her buried feelings.
Logan Hayes kicks himself for leaving Elizabeth so abruptly. Forced home to run his sick father’s store, his passion for his old flame has never been stronger. And he’s desperate to show her how he has grown to win her back.
If Logan wants to rekindle her devotion, he’ll have to confess the painful truth behind his abandonment.
Will Logan convince Elizabeth he’s ready for a future with her? Will she forgive him?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Sweet Beginnings

by Alexa Verde

Five clean, heartwarming romances – each a series starter with a happily-ever after! Love blossoms between unlikely couples in this heartfelt collection of small-town sweet romances. Stories with real emotion, faith, humor, and a dash of danger!

Opposites attract, an unlikely modern marriage of convenience leads to more, the broken-hearted get new chances, and single-dad cowboys fall in love with strong-willed women in these five sweet, heartwarming, complete romances to give you hours of reading joy!

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Fate Awakened

by Jocelyn Montana

A fierce werewolf consumed by his past. A human used as bait. A connection neither expects.

Hans lives only for vengeance. No more Pack. No friends. Only the dark void inside him tormenting him about his past. Yet when he meets a dark-haired beauty, desire tears through him and changes everything.

One moment Briony’s eating in the tavern, and the next a necromancer has her tied up in a cave as bait for a werewolf. Stuck in the middle of a centuries old battle, she needs to escape. Now. Except when the werewolf arrives and she gets her chance, she doesn’t run. No—she helps him and decides to join him to face a formidable enemy who will do anything to kill her. And with each day that passes, every gentle touch, every silky purr, the werewolf claws his way further into her heart.

They have one month to work together to take down a sorceress. One month to decide to remain together forever. Everyone in Briony’s life has left her, and she doesn’t believe in love anymore. Secrets in Hans’s past prevent him from making Briony his. They may save the world, but will they save each other?

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Fate Promised

by Jocelyn Montana

As a child he promised to marry her. As a werewolf, it’s forbidden.

Juri’s fight against a necromancer just got personal. Threaten the woman he once promised to marry? Bad idea. Because he’s never stopped watching over her. Or yearning for her. Until now he’s stayed in the shadows while protecting her, following the werewolf way, but with this threat, he steps to her side. And that breaks all the rules.

Triska has a secret. Not one of the good kinds, either. It’s the kind that will one day rear up and change her life forever. For that reason, she’s locked her heart away. But then her childhood love leaps out of the forest and back into her life. At one touch, all her carefully placed barriers fall. With one of his sensuous purrs, she wants to hold onto him forever. But she can’t.

Every moment with her is stolen perfection. Every moment with him is a gift she can’t keep. Ancient ma

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Falling for Roxanne

by Annie J Rose

Lawyer, professor, single dad—I’ve got a full life. No way do I want to get mixed up with a student. But I just can’t ignore Roxanne. Now she’s the intern at my law firm. Late nights working together, Our hot affair is like wildfire, out of control. This could end my career but I can’t seem to quit her.

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Category: Contemporary Romance