Wolf of Ash

by Amelia Shaw

Talia thought her father’s execution was the worst thing that could happen…until her mate, her Alpha, banishes her from the pack.

Now a rival Alpha captures her and her old pack will soon sense she’s nearby. The clock is ticking until the hunt for her begins, then she’ll have two pack Alphas who want her dead.

The one who rejected her…and the one who kidnapped her…

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Rezoned: A Dark Hate-to-Love Second Chance Romance Novel

by Danah Logan

No one betrays The Order—except a Davis.

Ten years ago, I watched my life go up in flames.
No one tells you how easy it is to die. Here one moment, gone the next.
All because I fell in love with Ethan Davis. He took everything from me.
After nearly a decade of hiding, Ethan stands before me, more handsome and dangerous than ever.
But this time, there is no escape—for either of us.

I’ve heard people say they lived through hell.
They never met the devil who raised me—Marshall Davis.
He took my remorse. Trained me to be ruthless, feared by the most dangerous men.
I didn’t understand what it meant to love. Until Jules.
She made me feel. Something I didn’t believe my blackened soul was capable of.
When she was sentenced to burn, my humanity turned to dust with her.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


by Kathy Ivan

When Sheriff Rafe Boudreau catches Tessa Maxwell climbing through the window of a house where she doesn’t belong, the crime rate isn’t the only thing that spikes. Turns out, trouble has followed the small-town schoolteacher to Shiloh Springs, and Rafe and the rest of the Boudreau clan must step in to keep her safe. Can they decipher the clues and end the danger Tessa faces before time runs out?

“Kathy Ivan’s books are addictive, you can’t read just one.” Susan Stoker, NYT Bestselling Author

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


by Emily Jane Trent

Navy SEAL Caleb Rowe has a second chance with his first love. Livi stole his heart long ago, but Caleb lost her and was filled with regret. Just as they find each other again, foreign enemies close in and Livi faces a personal reign of terror. Caleb vows to protect her with his life!

Livi Cameron fell for Caleb the day she met him, yet she has a secret that keeps them apart. As a former ballerina, her passion is to wipe out oppression and abuses of dancers. One day she is a dancer committed to reform, and the next day she’s the target of terrorists. She might not live to make her dreams come true, or to have a second chance with Caleb.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance