Big Flames & Small Lies

by Agnes Canestri

I should be happy. I’m finally getting married, which is the greatest achievement a girl can have by my Italian family’s standards.

Yet something is…off.

My doubts about my fiancé—and our relationship—only intensify when Mario, a handsome stranger, arrives in town.

Mario is on a mission in Cirella and he’ll do whatever it takes to honor his father’s memory. Meeting me was not on his agenda.

Just like it wasn’t on mine to get side-tracked by the powerful connection we share.

Still, I can’t help it. Mario makes me feel things I’ve got no business feeling. And now, I’m afraid that no matter what I do, someone will get hurt.

Most likely me.

But everything isn’t as it seems in Cirella. Dangerous secrets threaten Mario’s plans and my future. Uncovering the culprits and unraveling the mystery will be the easy part. Getting to happily ever after, however, will be infinitely trickier…

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Once Upon a Forbidden Desire: Fairy Tales and Other Stories

by HR Moore and Other Authors

Dark forests and locked doors, poisoned apples and forbidden lovers . . . Bold heroines and swoon-worthy heroes break all the rules in this enchanting collection of reimagined classics. This limited edition anthology celebrates the variety of the fantasy romance genre, from princes to monsters, and from sweet to steamy.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Captured by the Alien

by Tammy Walsh

“Please don’t call the police. I’ll do anything you ask.”
I later regretted those words, but by then it was too late.
I could only wait and wonder if Ashem would really carry out his threat…
To cage and breed me.
It was the worst thing to ever happen to me… until I began enjoying it.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Faking Mr. Right

by K.C. Crowne

“Want to play pretend?”

This small-town can’t help but keep their nose out of my love life.
So I’ve decided lying to them is my way out.
And I’ve got the perfect partner in crime.

Growing up, I saw Levi as a friend. Nothing more.
Yet my instincts told me he had a crush on me.
Now he’s all grown up and nothing short of an Adonis.
Sexy. Strong. Brilliant.
But so beautifully broken.

We played the game so well, the lines between us are starting to blur.
They say rules are meant to be broken.
They probably should have added that hearts are, too.

I gave my heart to someone who wasn’t capable of protecting it.
Now I’m carrying a child that will remind me of him forever.

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by Portia Moore and M James

Once upon a time, there was a girl.

She was in distress. And he saved her. Zachary Rostov—older than me, tall, blond, handsome even at thirteen. He became my best friend. And later, he became my first love. My first everything.

But he left.

And then I’m saved again. This time by someone very different.

Vincent Jamison isn’t the boy I left behind. He’s a man—strong, powerful, rich. His life couldn’t be more different from the one I remember living in Indiana. He sweeps me off of my feet into a fairytale like the ones I always dreamed of, and I think maybe my prince has finally come.

But Vincent doesn’t just want to save me. He wants to claim me. Own me. And before I know what’s happening, he’s got me right where he wants me.

This time, the princess is going to have to save herself.

But how can I, when he holds everything I love in the palm of his hand?

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Category: Contemporary Romance