Vampire’s Nest

by Helen Scott

She’s desperate for a new life, but is she willing to be a blood slave to a vampire to get there?
It seems like a cruel joke when Cordelia receives an acceptance letter to the college of her dreams…but not the scholarship she needs to go with it. Now there’s only one thing she can do in order to afford both college and her grandmother’s care: become a feeder at The Nest.
After tasting her blood he’s drawn to her unlike any other, but he can’t give in to temptation. Not if he wants her to survive…

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Twisted Tyrant

by Kristen Luciani

She’s my enemy. My obsession.

For months, I watch every move she makes.
Every curve of her body.
Every breath that she takes.
She’s gorgeous and innocent,
Until I take her captive.

I know she isn’t mine to keep, but every forbidden touch makes me crave her more.
For weeks, she torments me with her sinful body and venomous tongue, resisting her fate.
She quickly learns that her defiance has consequences.
And I expect to be obeyed…or else.

But my enemies have other plans for us.
When a deadly attack forces me to take over the Malikov Bratva as boss, I have a choice to make.

Marry the princess and keep my possession.
Or make my family whole and kill her.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Fifty First Dates After Fifty: A Memoir

by Carolyn Lee Arnold

What does a free-spirited fifty-something researcher do when she breaks up with her noncommittal Buddhist boyfriend and longs for a life partner? She holds a “letting go” ceremony with the boyfriend, challenges herself to go on 50 dates, takes a few lovers, and voilà! Finding Mr. Right becomes a sexy dating research project. Navigating the highs and lows of dating within the SF Bay Area world of personal growth workshops and spiritual ceremonies, Carolyn transforms the universal quest for love into a sensual adventure as she searches for a man who matches her spirit. This upbeat story celebrates an older woman’s sexuality and offers a positive view of dating as an enjoyable journey of self-discovery and self-love.

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Category: Erotic Romance

The Alien Bounty Hunters Complete Series: Books 1-8

by Michele Mills

Get the complete Alien Bounty Hunter series in one location! The prequel, three novellas, five full-length novels, an extended epilogue and a series Glossary:
Kroga’s Bride
Rayzor’s One
Joyzal’s Prize
Kayzon’s Wish
Syrin’s Mate
Zhoryan’s Game
Daxon’s Hostage
Kroga’s Redemption

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


by Joanna Morgan

A sexy Fire Elemental on the verge of self-combustion. A human woman with a touch of Water in her blood. A supernatural foe bent on destruction.

Levi, warrior and Fire Elemental, has one mission—to protect the mortal realm from the forces of Chaos. But that changes after a chance encounter with a human woman whose smile makes him burn hotter than the fire inside him.

Brooke Simmonds can’t forget the mysterious man with flames in his eyes and strange tattoos on his arms who walked through an inferno to save her from a devastating apartment fire. When she finds him again, their reunion ignites a fiery passion that threatens to consume them both.

But Levi is back for another, more urgent reason. The Chaolt are after Brooke. There’s a power awakening inside her, and they plan to exploit it. She’s suddenly sucked into a world, and a war, she never knew existed while Levi’s powers blaze even more out of control, endangering everyone around him.

The attraction between Levi and Brooke is so hot it sizzles, but if he doesn’t get his fire in check and stop the Chaolt, the entire town of Topaz Ridge may go up in flames.

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Category: Paranormal Romance