by Carrie Thorne

With her plucky team at her side, Quinn Fischer is ready to take on anything fate may throw at her. Until one recon mission doesn’t go so hot…

Ryan Hunt is a burned-out demon hunter with a violent past, assigned to a top-secret Coast Guard crew to protect the waters around Alaska.

When Quinn splashes down off Ryan’s bow, he knows exactly what she is, and why he shouldn’t trust her. Quinn doesn’t have a clue who she is, but she knows the chemistry with Ryan is off the charts.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


A Pocket in Time

by Lexi Post

Katz Almira’s mission is clear—travel to the past, steal the note that ruins the world, travel back to the present. Easy. She’s the best pickpocket Time Weavers, Inc. has ever had. Posing as a poor widow in Regency London, she convinces her target, Lord John Byron, a man as sexy as he is wealthy, to take her in off the streets. But at her request to keep her hidden, instead of his cushy manor, he allows her to stay in a warehouse full of orphan boys he cares for there.

It’s the perfect place to hide, and bonus, her new roommates can help her find the mysterious note. With John as their pseudo-father, they know what he does every day, and with who. Katz can’t afford any distractions, but she soon finds herself getting attached to the orphans—and John—even helping him plan for their futures.

Each day she spends in the past is another day closer to her deadline, another day closer to returning to her own time, and another day John and this makeshift family get dangerously closer to her heart. But Katz staying in the past would have dire consequences for them all…

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Category: Time Travel Romance


Hard Nox (Wild Scots, #1)

by Jolie Vines

“My brother warned me about his 6’5″ friend. But I’m going to do him anyway.”
Isobel can’t get her brother’s best friend out of her head — no matter how hard she tries to resist the wealthy bad boy, she can’t hit the brakes on their explosive chemistry. It’s a high-octane ride when the Highlander decides to make Isobel his…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Perfect Storm (Wild Scots, #2)

by Jolie Vines

Skye and Artair live an ocean apart, but neither can forget the wild night they shared — especially once Skye realizes she’s pregnant. The wedding dress designer is prepared to raise the baby on her own, but the sexy extreme sportsman Scot will do anything to get her back in his life…

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Learning Curves

by Molly O’Hare

A single dad, enemies to lovers romcom with a curvy, take no crap, special ed teacher that has overcome her own learning disabilities, and a single dad that would do anything for his daughter. They had no reason to fall for each other – truthfully it was hate at first parent-teacher meeting.
So why can’t they get each other out of their heads?

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Bad Boys Unlimited

by Teagan Kade

Join the hottest bad boys in fiction for this special collection box set of 5 Amazon Best Sellers. These alpha heroes are bold, strong brutes who will do anything for the women they love. Find your latest book boyfriend today and let him show YOU why bad boys do it better.

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance



by Evangeline Anderson

The First Book in the Brides of the Kindred series
A race of Alien Warriors from beyond the stars.
With very different types of Alpha males all focused on one thing…claiming their brides

In all their years of travel the Kindred have come across only three worlds with species close enough to their own to initiate a trade.
Earth is the fourth.
Olivia Waterhouse is about to be Claimed.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


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