by A.R. Willows

I’m a hardworking and unrewarded estate agent in London. My evenings? Netflix. My relationship status? You’re kidding, right? Divorced. Messily. With a hefty therapist bill. Oh, I’m Jen by the way. And bills aren’t my only problem.

The divorce left me with crippling self-doubt. So romance is limited to lusting over fictional characters, glass of wine in hand, rather than dating. This takes a twist when I move to Instagram and start talking to … er, well, I call him Mr. Message.

The mysterious Mr. Message can relate to my problems. He’s also a master of guided scenes, even in public, that intoxicate me. Like you haven’t thought about it. But it all comes with a proviso. A ‘no feelings’ agreement.

Until he invites me to a concert. And a single night of sex. But maybe I do have feelings. And maybe this is the last thing I need. Especially if he does too.

Should I go?

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Category: Erotica

Original Sin

by Lydia Michaels

From bestselling author, Lydia Michaels, comes a dark and addictive vampire romance that will leave readers hungry for more!

Adam Hartzler has always been an honorable immortal, but the fine line between right and wrong blurs when he is called to his fated mate. If he does not find and claim her soon, he will lose his soul and humanity, transforming into a vile predator controlled by insatiable bloodlust. His salvation relies on her surrender. Will Adam find her or live a tortured eternity as a vampire? Time’s slipping away and so is Adam’s control.

Passion and emotion collide in an explosive meeting of destined souls that begins with a ruthless betrayal when Adam unapologetically takes what is his.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Dark Exodus

by Lydia Michaels

From bestselling author, Lydia Michaels, comes another darkly compelling, heart pounding, paranormal, vampire romance!

Larissa Hostetler is on the run after an arranged marriage to Silus, her abusive, immortal husband. As Silus hunts his disobedient wife, he plots her painful atonement. But Bishop King, the most powerful and eldest immortal in The Order, finds Larissa first, and he has plans of his own.

A deadly vampire is slaughtering mortal women in the woods, drawing unwanted attention from the media that threatens to expose their species. The Council is hard pressed to hunt and destroy the creature, but other upheaval is at play.

Immortals on the farm are keeping secrets. Vows will be broken and lives eternally changed as appetites for vengeance grow.

Nothing is as it seems when an immortal seeks revenge…

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