Double Discovery

by Clara Wils

Asha, putting the loss of the man she loved behind her, seeks a new life and new purpose, dedicating herself to her kingdom by bonding with a Lumani Spirit. When she meets Dawn, a reckless woman hiding her own heartache, they become instant friends. They quickly attract the attention of a host of men, as they begin a journey to save a nation, and just maybe… mend their broken hearts.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Forbidden Shifters Complete Series

by Selena Scott


As unregistered wolf shifters living in secrecy, their very existence is technically illegal. Keeping that secret at all costs has been the number one rule the Durant brothers have lived by for nearly their entire lives. But all is not what it seems and soon they will be forced to make some difficult choices.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

One Night in Vegas

by Jacob Parker

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, until it doesn’t. It was one hot night, and I wanted so much more. But the next morning, she was gone, taking my heart with her. Eight years later, guess who shows up needing a job? I’m not sure if it’s lust, love, or my need for revenge. My lover turned enemy, and now all I want is to pay her back in full.

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Category: Contemporary Romance