Interviewing for Her Lover

by Ellis O. Day

Two strangers come together to explore their deepest desires. After meeting at the erotic La Petite Mort Club, Sarah and Nick take turns acting out their naughtiest fantasies…

Whatever he wants, she’ll try.

Whatever she wants, he’ll submit.

See how they meet. Feel the attraction. Experience their first night.

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Category: Erotic Romance


A Duke’s Guide to Romance

by Sophie Barnes

He only wanted to purchase a novel, now he’s falling madly in love…

Anthony Gibbs, Duke of Westcliffe, needs an income. Bills must be paid, appearances kept, and arrangements made for his sisters’ debuts. In short, he must either marry or seek employment, neither of which sounds remotely compelling. But then he meets Ada and she suggests a third option. Now he’s penning a novel while losing his heart to the bookish miss, a woman he cannot afford to marry unless he’s prepared to make some difficult choices.

Ada Quinn has no connections, no dowry, and consequently no prospects. Her plan for the future is limited to her skill as a bookbinder. Until Mr. Gibbs walks into her uncle’s bookshop and starts to romance her. Handsome, thoughtful, and utterly charming, Mr. Gibbs is precisely the sort of man Ada always dreamed of falling in love with. Until she discovers he’s not who he claims to be and that he intends to marry another.

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Category: Historical Romance


Illusions: Ravens of Darkness

by Elle Preston

Sixteen-year-old Evie Willow is terrified of drowning but even more afraid of her own feelings. When the charismatic and telepathic lifeguard, Talon Renwyck, suddenly turns his affections toward her, Evie’s ability to rein in her feelings is threatened. Talon knows a secret which plunges Evie into the deep waters of her hidden emotions.

As she drifts from the life she knows into Talon’s beckoning arms, Evie learns that Talon is much more than just the handsome guy she’s falling in love with. Caught in a dark and supernatural addiction and tied to a secret cult, Talon is crying out for help. Can Evie save him from himself?

Is their love real or only an illusion?

If you crave character-driven paranormal romance with mystical elements, intense love dynamics, and an air of enchanting mystery, you’ll love the Ravens of Darkness series.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Reflections: Ravens of Darkness

by Elle Preston

Imagine your future is already written.
Talon Renwyck, heir to the throne of the Ravens of Darkness, is dying. Evie Willow is the only one who can save him, but at what cost? Caught between her loyalty to Talon and her growing feelings for Alex, Evie must make a life-changing decision. How will she choose?
*Evie, Talon and Alex return in Book 2, REFLECTIONS, to discover an ancient prophecy and see where destiny leads them.

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