The Duke She Married

by Jessie Clever

Orphaned and destitute, Lady Amelia Atwood must marry to save her family from utter financial devastation. Lost between her sisters, neglected by her father, and scorned by her mother, Amelia learned being close to people only brought hurt and loneliness, and she avoids them at all costs. But if she wishes to save her sisters, she must sacrifice herself.

To the Ghoul of Greyfair.

Disfigured by the fire that killed his wife, Lucas Bennett, the Duke of Greyfair, hides in his remote island castle, avoiding the rumors that suggest he murdered his wife. But when his need for an heir drives him from his lair, he strikes a bargain with the desperate Earl of Biggleswade for the hand of his daughter. Lucas’s plan is simple, but he’ll soon discover she’s not the timid debutante he had bargained for.

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Category: Historical Romance

Trick The Treat

by Stacy-Deanne

When her enigmatic billionaire boss Emmanuel invites the beautiful but bumbling sales associate Charlotte to a Halloween party, she gets quite the surprise. After his three equally handsome and rich partners arrive and she realizes she’s the only guest for this party, the men reveal they are vampires dead set on transforming her to make her one of their pack.

Charlotte has qualms until they explain what they’ll do to turn her.

And then the fun really starts.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Silk and Sword

by P.S. Scott

When Lieutenant General Petronilla meets Acelina, the proprietress of Duality, it is hate at first sight. Forced into prostitution at a young age, Petronilla has rebuilt her life to become one of the highest-ranking army officials in Inferno. She detests everything the pleasure house owner stands for and doesn’t bother to hide it. Forced to spend a night together because of a bet, Petronilla realizes her feelings run deeper than she realized…

Acelina has no idea why Petronilla hates her so much. Only that the hate is mutual. The Lieutenant General never misses a chance to criticize her, and if it weren’t for her VIP customer, General Darius, she would never tolerate Petronilla. But when a secret mission forces them to live together, Acelina takes the opportunity to exact revenge.

As they get to know each other, it becomes harder to deny the attraction that burns between them. What begins as a battle of wills, turns into an undeniable passion, growing into all-consuming love that will stop at nothing.

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Category: LGBT Romance