Sucked Into Love

by Rochelle Paige

It’s just Jocelyn’s luck that she meets her match at the fake bachelorette party her best friend throws for her. She knows better than to get pulled into any of Cee-Cee’s antics. It must have been sheer exhaustion that made her agree to help her best friend out with a work project – one that ended up with her playing bachelorette for the night!

No man ever wants to be knocked off his feet by a woman he meets while she’s wearing a bachelorette “suck for a buck” shirt. Andrew knows that he wants Jocelyn the moment he lays eyes on her, but he’s never been one to poach on another man’s territory. He walks away but finds himself changed by the experience. Imagine his surprise when he sees her again, only to discover she isn’t married and has never even been engaged.

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Category: Sports Romance

It’s Kind of Personal Series

by Anna Brooks

One love can last a lifetime…

Six determined men fight for the women they’re meant to be with.
Their love runs deep and their loyalty everlasting.
Each man must battle his past in order to secure a future with his one true love.
Defeat is not an option when their hearts are on the line.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Love of a Lord

by Rebecca Paulinyi

When grieving hearts find each other, can love overcome secrets, vows and society’s expectations?

Compelled to uncover the secret surrounding her mother’s death, Annelise Edwards unexpectedly finds herself the guest of the handsome Lord Gifford.

Lord Nicholas Gifford has no interest in women after being jilted by his betrothed, but he cannot ignore his sense of duty when a mysterious woman appears on his doorstep during a terrible storm and falls ill.

As they wait for the storm and Annelise’s fever to pass, they are forced to share the grief that is weighing on both their hearts. And when Nicholas becomes more involved in Annelise’s efforts to piece together her mother’s past, it becomes increasingly difficult to deny their blooming attraction.

Will Nicholas give up the lonely life he has become accustomed to? And will it even matter once he finds out Annelise’s mother was nothing but their maid?

If you like your rags to riches romance mixed with Tudor drama, you’ll love this heart-warming first novel in the touching The Hearts of Tudor England series.

The Love of a Lord is book one in The Hearts of Tudor England series, and can be read as a standalone novel.

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Category: Historical Romance

Taken by the Dragon King

by Amelia Shaw

Stavrok won’t let anything stand between him and his mate.

There’s a beast inside of me, and there will be a time when I can’t control him. That’s what my father told me happens when my dragon finds his mate. He will claim them. He will not be gentle. He will not be sweet. My dragon will do whatever it takes to ensure his mate doesn’t leave, no matter the cost.

Lucy thinks soulmates are only for her dreams.

When a stranger breaks into my home and comes after me, I recognize his face. He’s the man from my dreams—the one I’m destined to fall in love with. But I don’t believe in soulmates. That’s why I try to flee.

Stavrok takes Lucy to the snowy mountains, hellbent on proving she’s his mate.

But then his kingdom is attacked, and Lucy is stolen away from the Dragon King. Now her only hope lies in knowing Stavrok will turn the world to ash and brimstone looking for her…and his dragon babies.

Fans of Eva Chase and Linsey Hall are addicted to this steamy, paranormal romance with a guaranteed happily ever after by Amelia Shaw.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Bedeviled: A Dark Paranormal Romance (The Bride of Hades, Book 1)

by Victoria Evers

When the Prince of the Underworld announces he is hosting a masquerade ball to find his new bride, Scarlett Mason is only too happy to attend. The twist? This Cinderella isn’t interested in dancing with Prince Charming. No, her plans involve a dagger…and the left side of his chest. What’s romance without a little revenge?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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