Playing to Win

by Amalia Theresa

When dating is a lottery, you have to play to win.

Sully and Kate have been playing their own dating game since their freshman year, competing for ultimate bragging rights. Kate is sure that personality trumps all, and Sully refuses to settle for anything less than perfect chemistry, but they’re both determined to be the first to find The One. There’s just one problem: after years of living as strictly platonic roommates, sparks have begun to fly at home.

But Kate needs her best friend—Sully is the only safety net she has left. Add in the fear of not living up to Sully’s super high bar for sexual chemistry, and feelings or not, kissing that frog might be too big of a risk.

Either way, the rules of the game they’ve been playing have changed. And Kate and Sully are rapidly approaching a crisis their friendship might not survive. Not unless they’re both willing to go all in.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Wendy Rich Stetson

When Tessa’s big-city plans take the A Train to disaster, she lands in her sleepy hometown, smack in the middle of the most unlikely love triangle ever to hit Pennsylvania’s Amish Country.

Hot-shot Dr. Richard Bruce is bound to Green Ridge by loyalty that runs deep. Deeper still is Jonas Rishel’s tie to the land and his family’s Amish community. Behind the wheel of a 1979 camper van, Tessa idles at a fork in the road. Will she cruise the superhighway to the future? Or take a slow trot to the past and a mysterious society she never dreamed she’d glimpse from the inside?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

FAR AWAY HOME, an Historical Novel of the American West: Aislynn’s Story- Book 1


With 4.2 stars and 1871 ratings, Amazon bestseller, FAR AWAY HOME has ranked in the top 100 of Historical Irish Fiction and American Historical Romance on Amazon for twelve years. Read it now in its Enhanced Edition with a bonus introduction to the 4.5 star sequel, EMBRACE THE WIND.
In post-Civil War New York City, sixteen-year-old Aislynn Denehy cannot find a job, she has no place to live and no family to help her. Some might think this is a problem; Aislynn believes it is an opportunity, but she has a lot to learn. The novel races through authentic experiences involving historical events until it erupts in an unexpected ending. In today’s troubled world, FAR AWAY HOME will make you believe no matter how many challenges fate sends your way, the human spirit can triumph.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Stupid Love

by Tara Wyatt

Theo Prescott is better off alone. A successful divorce attorney, he knows that relationships don’t last, true love isn’t real, and fairy tales are the stuff of fantasy. Deep down, he knows if he let himself fall for someone, he’d only end up causing pain. And he refuses to do that to anyone—including and especially his best friend, Lauren. Even if she’s gorgeous, ambitious, and smart. Warm and funny. Talented and quite possibly perfect for him.

Lauren MacKinnon has been pining after Theo for the better part of a decade. He’s sexy, intelligent, thoughtful and makes her laugh harder than anyone else. He’s her best friend, but if he knew how she felt about him, he’d run for the hills. She’s well aware of how he feels about love and relationships. And as much as her unrequited feelings hurt, she’s not willing to risk their friendship for an impossibility.

Lauren knows it’s time to move on, so when her friends suggest Theo set her up on a blind date, she agrees. But when Theo realizes that he can’t handle watching Lauren with another man, sparks just might fly.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Hex, Love, and Rock & Roll

by Kat Turner

With a business skidding toward bankruptcy and bone-dry bank account, Helen Schrader is willing to do the unthinkable. But what will happen when she hires a witch to cast a money spell?
“Turner sets up a promising world that readers will be pleased to return to in subsequent installments. Paranormal fans should check this out.” – Publisher’s Weekly
If you like Darynda Jones, Karen Marie Moning, K. F. Breene, or Laurell K. Hamilton, you’ll love this fun and sexy paranormal romance!

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Witch Trials and Errors – Eight Sinful Paranormal Romance Stories

by Alexandra Noir

Everyone thinks they know about Salem. They heard the claims of witchcraft and the black arts. But, hidden by all the hysteria, there was real wickedness occurring not more than a day’s ride away from the hardened gaze of the Puritans of Salem Town.

Notley Village was small, peaceful, and quiet. At least, it appeared to be. But hiding beneath the facade was an evil that would have shocked a nation… and turned the hair of the goodly Reverends of New England pure white.

Only the oldest members are aware of the full scope of the magical realities that they are interacting with. The coven is a part of ancient tradition that could face its final reckoning in the hysteria-fueled environment of the puritan North America.

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Category: Erotica