A Touch Magical (Zodiac Cove Book 1)

by Sonia Hartl

Three hundred years ago, the descendants of Zodiac Cove gave up their magic to stop a curse from sinking their island into the sea. As the resident shopkeeper of witchy odds and ends, Audrey Raynor has always believed in the legend. But when an earthquake releases the magic that had been binding the curse, the legend suddenly gets very real.

Audrey is the last remaining descendant of Scorpio and has the power to stop the curse. The problem? In order to access her magic, she has to touch Wes Latham—her ex-boyfriend’s brother and the man who betrayed her four years ago. And the power they create together comes with the unfortunate side effect of making her think she wants him.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Fool Me Once (Blackhawk Security Book 4)

by Margaret Watson

Attorney Alexandra comes home early and overhears her husband Jerry hiring a hitman to kill her. She runs toward Seattle. After being a street kid there, she knows how to disappear. But a man is following her. After she finds a tracking device she wonders if tall, compelling Gideon is Jerry’s hired killer?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


by Selena Robins

A survivor. A corporate shark. And a case of mistaken identity to warm the heart.

Hell on a stick. Is thirty-three too young to lose your mind? Sabrina Monroe is a survivor, but this epic streak of bad luck has worn her thin. Lately, she swears she’s seeing and hearing things.

With everything on her plate, she doesn’t have time to riddle out these oddball, mystical happenings. Corporate vultures are circling Maple Manor, the inn that’s been in her family for generations. And her new handyman looks like he’s better suited for the cover of GQ than Popular Mechanics.

Jason O’Neil can barely tell a Phillips from a flathead, but when Maple Manor’s stubbornly sale-resistant owner mistakes him for the new Mr. Fixit, he doesn’t hesitate to trade his Guccis for work boots. It’s the perfect chance to bag the lush mountain property for his company’s next five-star golf course. What could possibly go wrong?

He quickly discovers that not only is Sabrina no pushover, but he’s also enjoying the push and pull between them way more than he should. And when a new threat emerges, Jason finds himself risking everything to follow his heart—and convince Sabrina he’s her ally.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Emmanuel M Arriaga

A science prodigy meets the immortal founder of a galactic empire but things go sideways when the prodigy’s drafted into military service after the murder of the immortal’s chief engineer.

The former engineer’s widow, and current science officer on the immortals’ starship, scorns the quick replacement of her husband and takes her ire out on the prodigy as he struggles to find his place on the starship Foundra Ascension.

With a new threat emerging from another plane of existence, the prodigy and science officer find themselves thrust into the middle of a war the likes of which the galaxy hasn’t seen in five hundred millennia.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Space Syren Keri – The Complete Collection of Erotic Sci-Fi Stories: Getting abducted was the best thing that ever happened to her!

by Raven X

This bundle includes the exotic stories of how Keri leaves Earth and cuts her way through the universe using her body and sexuality to bend aliens and humans to her will!

Keri is so sick of (Earth) men. She’s in her late thirties and still doesn’t think she’s ever been in an adult relationship. When her useless, younger boyfriend asks for money for a guitar during an intimate moment, she thinks she’s hit rock bottom. She wishes she could run away, but there’s nowhere to go.

Then a light appears above her. Some people would call it an abduction, but Keri would say that she was rescued!

The aliens give her a choice. She can return to Earth with her memories erased or come with them and become a sex bomb to millions of aliens! She thinks of the guitar boy, and her choice is made!

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Category: Science Fiction Romance