Knocked-Up My Brother’s Bride

by Kathilee Riley

ALEX: My brother asked me to be his best man.
His fiancé is my best friend I’ve been in love with since we were kids.

JULIA: My childhood best friend, is back in town.
All grown, sexy and a billionaire doctor.
Sparking a desire I haven’t experienced in… ever.
But I’d never cross the line with my best friend.
Not with his brother’s engagement ring on my finger.
Not when his big brother is my fiancé.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Valkyrie Lost

by Shannon Pemrick

As the god of war and bringer of order and justice I can have anything. Except one mortal woman.

I came to Astrid’s prayer for justice. Why, I didn’t know. I should have left after that, but I didn’t. Something about the mortal woman lured me like no other had. It was wrong, I knew that. I should have allowed her to live out her short years as they were intended.

Yet, not even I am a match for a yearning heart.

From shared drinking horns to unforgettable nights, I am determined to bring her the honor she deserves, just as she has sworn to shield me from the horrors of the world. But when trouble amongst the gods stirs, Astrid may just pay the price for my transgressions.

And the price for spilling the blood of my Valkyrie, is one too steep for any god.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Dangerous Obsession

by Lydia Hall

He broke my heart and sent me away… So why is he following me around town?

Handsome, muscular and dangerous – Leo Gusev was the love of my life, until he shattered my heart into a million pieces. I never recovered from the blow. But clearly, neither did Leo.

When I’m attacked in a dark alley late at night, Leo is there to save me with his bullets. But his heroic act might cost us both our lives…

Years ago, Leo made sure no man could get his hands on me. He stopped at nothing – scaring off dates, paying people to disappear, and ultimately, disappoint me. He says he did it all to protect me… But I’m not sure I believe him.

I know his family’s dark past better than anyone…

And I know what his father is capable of.

Everything changes when I find out I’m expecting… and my baby will not be a child of the bratva.

Even if it means losing Leo… His dark lifestyle might break me, but I won’t let it break my child.

DANGEROUS OBSESSION is the third book of The Corrupt Bloodlines series of interconnected standalones.

This is a sensually dark romance novel that can be binged alone or with the rest of the series!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Once a Killer: Blackhawk Security Book 7

by Margaret Watson

Jameson Ford is a technical whiz who’s working on a program that’ll be a game changer. The military, and the CIA want it, along with some unsavory players. Someone close to him wants it, as well – one of the engineers in his lab. He has to hire protection. Bree Gordon looks nothing like a bodyguard. People see her and dismiss her. Their mistake…

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Heartbreak Hell-o

by Ali Parker

I hate how much I burn for my ex. My enemy. She’s the only woman I’ve ever loved, and she ripped my heart out. Now, she’s back in my life as a professional rival. We clash every time we’re in the room together. Outside of the office, I’m falling off the deep end. It’s so easy with her. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

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Category: Contemporary Romance