Before You Were Mine

by Ida Brady

Ally McVeigh has landed her dream job at Woodbury High. But when single dad, Owen Davies walks into her office with a tragic past and anxious daughter in tow, he threatens more than just her career plans. Struggling to distance herself from the rugged father’s promise of romance, Ally’s fear of commitment turns to hope; maybe she can have her cake and eat it.

Especially when Owen craves more than one bite.

He wants Ally in his life, in his bed and as the mother of his child. But in pursuing a relationship with the Food Tech teacher, old wounds and even deeper secrets begin to surface. When his daughter becomes a pawn in a vicious custody battle, he stands to lose not only his child, but the one woman who could make his family complete.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Lighthouse Beams: Just A Little Something

by Kathie Baset

Sara leaves a life of wealth and privilege to make it on her own, finding a career and the love of her life. But their engagement reveals a secret: his family is also wealthy. Surprised and disappointed, Sara is convinced that any accomplishments will be credited to their money and not hard work. She makes a decision that changes their lives, leaving both of them devastated.

When a turbulent storm puts the life of a mysterious boat captain in danger, witnesses described the lighthouse beam acting as if a paranormal entity guided the light, illuminating the scene of the struggling ship. But the successful rescue causes Sara to be overcome at the captain’s identity.

Almost losing her love makes Sara realize that they truly belong together. Their wedding ceremony features an unexpected but fitting event when Sara flings her wedding bouquet from the lighthouse rim, bringing the story full circle.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Realm of Darkness

by Susan Stradiotto and Other Authors

When darkness falls, beware of the creatures that come out to play…

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Ritzy Vincent Peak

by Talla L. Lynn

A hoard of naughty pets. Plans that refuse to remain on course. Attractions as explosive as land minds. And sacrifices that may bring healing, or cause more chaos than the unruly pets and wayward plans. Welcome to Vincent Peak, Colorado, where you’ll fall in love with a cast of characters guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, cheer, and warm your heart.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Love To Hate You

by Ava Gray

When I say that I never thought I would fall for Nash Beckett…
I feel just a little bit silly.

Ask any single girl to take a look at him and his life, and you’ll find out why.
Son of a billionaire.
Tall, handsome, impossible to ignore.
His presence is demanding.
And also extremely infuriating.

His father made me the vice president before he died.
And now… well, everything is up in the air.
Nash and I are literally fighting for the same position.
Our positions in bed, though, are way easier to navigate.

It was all fun, games, and hate before a third person came into the picture.
Our unborn baby.
That left me with one option – a broken heart.
And well, quite possibly, unemployment as well.
So much for thinking that I was going to lead a billion-dollar company…
The only thing I’m now left with is a stick I just peed on!

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Category: Contemporary Romance