Stone Cold: A Paranormal Gargoyle Romance

by HB Jacks

Three massive stone gargoyles. Monsters all. And now she belongs to them. Are you ready to enter the gargoyle roost? Swords will cross, there’s only one (big) bed and there is one huge alpha gargoyle who keeps growling ‘mine’.
A MMMF gargoyle romance from HB Jacks filled with steam, spice and monsters!

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Phoenix’s Touch

by Tai James

What do you do when the man of your dreams is real?

Kiera Wade never thought the man she had been dreaming about was anything more than a figment of her imagination. On a mission to save her crew, Kiera crash lands in hostile Atlantean territory, where she finds out her dream lover, Phoenix, is real and claims she is his destined soulmate.

Phoenix Vasilakis, a prominent Atlantean orator and the unwilling leader of change, is willing to risk everything to help Kiera, even though it could mean death. He has a secret, though, one that could jeopardize it all for him and Kiera.

Stranded and held at the mercy of the Atlantean council, Kiera has to find a way to help her people before Scavengers kill them, but when things heat up between her and Phoenix, she discovers that’s easier said than done. With so much at stake, will Phoenix and Kiera embrace their growing feelings for each other, or will everything fall apart?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

The Cross of Ciaran

by Andrea Matthews

When a fifth-century pagan priest is uncovered in the hills of County Mayo, his remarkable state of preservation makes headlines. But when his body disappears within two weeks of his discovery, archaeologist Caitlin O’Connell is convinced her uncle’s new handyman Ciaran Donnelly is responsible, despite her growing attraction for the handsome Irishman. Could she be closer to the truth than she suspects? Or will the secrets Ciaran hides be far more unnerving?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Love Rinkside

by G.K. Brady

Drew Foster is trapped in a one-man operation. Busy building his IT business, the workaholic has no time for romance. But at a Halloween bash hosted by his brother-in-law’s hockey teammate, he hits it off with a mystery woman in an outrageous mascot costume.

Katie Denning is done with men. Burned by past lovers using her to get close to the pro sports team, the loyal dog lover leaves the party with a guy dressed as a giant banana slug… only to be pursued by police. After a night of adventure with the cute guy running from the cops, she plucks up the courage to ask him out.

Their romantic rendezvous is cut short by her Chow-mix attacking him, but a determined Drew asks for a second chance. Cautiously optimistic, Katie begins falling hard, but she fears his work demands could end in another painful rejection.

Are they about to get stuck on the sidelines before they can score a forever goal?

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Category: Sports Romance

My Best Friend’s Sister

by Natasha L Black

A fake relationship seemed like a good idea at the time.
Too bad it turned out to be anything but fake…
I’m either going to get everything I’ve always wanted,
Or end up a single mom with a broken heart.
How did I let it get this far?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Grumpy as Puck

by Elizabeth Lynx

From USA Today Bestseller Elizabeth Lynx comes a steamy small town rom-com. When his beloved dog gets into an accident, pro athlete Cillian rushes to the vet. Of course the only one who can save his pup turns out to be Daisy, his teammate’s extremely off-limits younger sister and Cillian’s longtime crush.

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Category: Romantic Comedy