Fly: Goose Girl Retold

by Demelza Carlton

Two princesses. One prince. And the war has just begun.
Once upon a time…
Princess Ava was sent to a neighbouring kingdom as a lady-in-waiting to her sister, their future queen. Until a runaway horse, a case of amnesia and a cold-hearted king conspire to bring her to the prince’s attention.
Now the prince believes Ava is his bride, and her sister is just a serving maid. One thing is certain: the prince must marry one of the princesses, or there will be war.
But when all’s fair in love and war…who will win the battle for the prince’s heart?

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Biting Me Softly

by Mary Hughes

Logan’s muscular, graceful, and deadly, and his arrival at my Blood Center may put me out of a job. None of that seems to matter when his kisses and bites take me to heaven (bites, which if I weren’t grounded in science, would make me think ampire-Vay).

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Category: Paranormal Romance


The Bride of Doctor Franklin Stein

by Genevieve St-Yves

Love is hard when you’re green. Dr. Franklin Stein gave up on love after he fell into a vat of experimental dye and ended up green from head to toe. But on Halloween night, he just might meet a special woman who can accept him as he is. Sweeter than candy corn, this novella has more treats than tricks.

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Category: Holidays Romance


Claimed by the Possessive Fireman

by Flora Ferrari

The intense, handsome six foot seven fireman saves me from the burning theater where I’m rehearsing for an amateur production. He strides into my life and throws me over his shoulder, but little do I guess that the heat is just about to begin.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Second Chance Fate

by Ella J. Smyth

Homework on top of a life sentence for murder? You’ve got to be kidding me!

“My name is Amber Whitman, and I’m seventeen years old. After a fatal accident last month, the government decided my magic is too dangerous to be around normal people.

So where does that leave me? At the Second Chance Academy, with three moody men, one grumpy cat, and a life sentence for murder.

But things are not as they seem. My survival may depend on learning quickly who to trust and who to run from.”

This is book one of the Second Chance Academy series, a the-more-the-merrier, medium-burn novel with a HFN.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Frat House Confessions: Wes

by Bethany Lopez

She wants more than just his forgiveness…

Trixie’s not ashamed of the exposé she wrote for the college newspaper last year. She’s a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to get the story, even if it meant lying to a friend to get the inside scoop.
Still, every time she sees Wes, she regrets the loss of someone she really enjoyed spending time with. Not one for labels, or someone who puts limitations on attraction, Trixie can’t deny the pull she feels toward Wes when they cross paths again.

He’s willing to do whatever it takes to change her perception of him…

Wes has always been the odd man out. Different than his brothers, he was always more comfortable playing video games or enjoying solitary moments in the pool.

Although he never expected someone as sexy as Trixie to fall for an inexperienced guy like him, he also never expected her betrayal. Now that he has a second chance, can he get her to see him as more than the nice guy she duped?

A year has passed, but anger and regret still linger. Can Wes and Trixie agree to put the past behind them and move forward, or will late night confessions prove to be more than they can forgive and forget?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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