Beastly – The Dark Heart

by Lara A. Steel

Jack Beastly:
“All these years I watched you and knew: someday you would have to fulfill the prophecy and then you would belong to me. Someday I would come for you! And today is that day.”

Heather O’Hara:
“Even as a child I knew it was best not to get too close to Jack Beastly’s cursed mansion. And to this day I still give its sinister walls a wide berth. So imagine my shock when, after a painful blow to the back of the neck on my wedding day, I wake up in Jack Beastly’s house. But it turns out he’s not the cranky old geezer I always assumed him to be! He’s an intimidating but very attractive young man and apparently no ordinary human. And what he wants from me is simply outrageous!”

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Category: Fantasy Romance

The Complete Ashport Mender Series

by G.K. Lund

Detective Nate Hansen thought he knew the shady side of the nice and touristy town of Ashport. That’s until he’s forced to work with Maggie Evans, a sometimes consultant to the police, and a thorn in Nate’s eye.

Maggie seemingly has no past, is uncannily good at interrogations, has questionable friends, dangerous enemies, and is somehow on the Chief’s good side. Through her, Nate is immersed in a supernatural world he didn’t know existed, one that will turn his life upside down. And that is nothing compared to the change Maggie herself brings to his life…

If you like kick-ass heroes, high stakes, dubious allies, hot romance, and potty-mouthed attitude, then you’ll love the Ashport Mender series.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Dragon’s Rejected Mate

by Brittany White

Jamie Morrison was left with a broken heart on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Her fiancé, Ryan, sent a note saying that he had fallen in love with someone else. Humiliated by rejected love, Jamie was sure that she would spend the rest of her life alone. Meanwhile, wounded military veteran Luke returned to Ivy Springs, and their unexpected encounter led to a budding romance. But challenges from Luke’s controlling father and Jamie’s relentless stalker threatened their happiness, and Jamie dreaded the possibility of another heartbreak.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Bossy Terms

by Sylvia Hart

When your sexy billionaire boss makes you an offer you can’t refuse, you don’t turn him down.

After tricking me onto his private jet bound for London, Andrew Loughton offers me the deal of a lifetime. Six months of learning to run his business and in return, I can have anything I want. The only problem? We’re never apart. Late nights at the office turn scorching as fantasies become realities.

A little afternoon delight between emails is just fun and games, but anything more will ruin our arrangement. We have to stay strictly professional… or at least only physical.

He may have stolen me away, but he’ll never steal my heart.

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Category: Contemporary Romance