Angel Fire Collection: Books 1-3

by Marie Johnston

A team of warrior angels. A realm in danger. Mates in trouble. Three books that kick off a paranormal romance series.

Angel Fire

Bryant would rather chew his wings off than get mated, but orders are orders. He’s been erratic in the field, taking unnecessary risks, and is cranky with his team. His boss hopes a mate will stabilize him. But Bryant understands what the rest of the realm won’t admit. His face full of scars makes him nightmare material, not mate material, for a realm full of vain angels.

When an ethereally gorgeous female accepts his request, Bryant is leery. Then he learns who Odessa really is—the daughter of the man responsible for his injuries. But when Odessa’s attacked, Bryant has to get over his resentment. Because he’s the only thing between her and death, and together they might be able to save their realm.

Wicked Fire

Jagger Hancock is a fearsome warrior for the angelic realm, slaying demons left and right on Earth and protecting the human race. But when a powerful senator is murdered, he’s reduced to acting as a bodyguard for the grieving daughter. Too bad she’s the same female who ruined his one and only chance at happiness.

Demon Fire

Sierra’s realm might have erased her existence, but that doesn’t mean she’s been forgotten by those who want to use her for their own means. Demons have found her, and sticking around puts Boone at risk, the one man who makes her think she might deserve more than shame.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Someone to Kiss

by Jamie Anderson

As the clock strikes midnight over a disastrous New Year’s Eve and happy couples celebrate all around her, Kate makes a resolution, hastily scrawled on the back of a napkin, that next New Year’s Eve she will have found someone of her own to kiss.

But when you’re a forty-something cat-mom who’d rather binge Netflix than brave the singles scene, finding someone to kiss turns out to be harder than it sounds. Kate is totally unprepared for navigating hook-up apps, speed-dating, and sliding into somebody’s DMs.

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, Kate seems further than ever from reaching her goal. As relationships crumble around her and dark long-kept secrets spill out, could Kate’s fixation on her quest cause her to let true love slip through her fingers forever?

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Category: Romantic Comedy

A Baby Changes Everything

by Isabelle Grace

Drew is hoping to persuade Hope to acknowledge their crackling chemistry, evidenced by their one night of passion.
But when a positive pregnancy test throws them for a loop, he convinces her to join him on a trip home. There, Drew begins to accept that the only future he cares about is one with Hope and their baby.
Can he convince her to stay?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Third Storm

by Liz Hambleton

This game of husband and wife feels too real…

Rowan is her nephews’ only hope of surviving the harrowing storms threatening to destroy the earth. She would do anything to protect them, including seeking refuge on a military vessel under an assumed identity. On their journey to safety, she and the boys stumble upon an unconscious stranger.

When Sam awakens in Rowan’s care, he’s given a chance at a fresh start. A man haunted by mistakes he made during the storms, he’s searching for redemption. He assumes the role of father and husband, hiding with them on the ship, hoping his old life never resurfaces.

They both have secrets — deep, dark things that can hurt their newfound family. Their floating refuge soon turns dangerous when the desire for power turns the people they depended on against them.

Neither of them can outrun their past. Now they find themselves trapped out at sea, trusting no one but each other.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Nova’s Training

by A.D. Young

Nova has never been interested in normal relationships. He likes to be roughed up, tied up and teased. So when he’s contacted about a training program that matches submissives to their ideal dom, he doesn’t ask any questions.

Director of the program, Aleril Toress, has seized the opportunity to pimp the benefits of her methods to a powerful new investor. Never one for words or promises, Aleril knows the only way to hook Draeldin Loreld, and his considerable fortune, is with a demonstration. But Draeldin has his own ideas about Nova’s training.

With so many strong personalities contending to determine his fate, Nova has no choice but to perform well. But if he does, he risks trapping himself between the ambitions of the program’s director and the desires of his potential dom.

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Category: BDSM