Darker Water

by Lauren Stewart

Fairy tales aren’t real. Love is a lie. And, at least in Laney’s experience, sex never comes with a happy ending. But at least she’s finally learned her lesson: She will never, ever let a man near her heart again.

Carson’s secret to happiness is to be completely upfront with what he wants, and it has nothing to do with Laney’s heart. Her lips? Hell yes. Other parts of her anatomy? You better believe it. But her heart? Nope, not even a little bit.

Until it does…a lot.

He thought this would be the same as it had always been and that she was like any other woman. It wasn’t. She wasn’t.

But how can he tell her she deserves someone better – someone who’s not broken – if he can’t seem to let her go?

Laugh, swoon, and even cry a little in this modern friends-to-lovers twist on The Frog Prince.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Sweet Tea Crush: A Clover Creek Sweet Romance

by Brenna Shay

Jilted bride and cooking show host Daisy McGill never expected to be rescued at the altar by her long-ago crush, Carson Ramsey. After the whole world witnessed her wedding implode on live television, she planned to escape to Clover Creek to run her grandmother’s café in peace and quiet. There’s just one problem. Her grandmother sold the business to Carson, and he’s not giving up without a fight.

Carson never got over losing Daisy. But the retired hockey star has sworn off women who aren’t cut out for small-town life. He’s bound and determined to revitalize Clover Creek, and he won’t let a past flirtation get in the way. But something about Daisy makes him question his vow to swear off women for good. Daisy might just be the one to heal his heart, if he can convince her to trust him first.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Alien’s Captive

by Tina Moss

All I’ve wanted since my abduction from Earth’s first long-range space flight is freedom from my alien captives. But when I’m sold off to a Rhonar warrior, I learn I’m not the only one enslaved on this hellish planet, and survival comes at a cost.

The dominant alpha alien they call Xelan may be my new master, but his fair dealings—and devilishly sexy charms—give me hope for the future.

If I can strike an agreement with the battle-scarred warrior, perhaps together we can change the destiny of those bound in chains.

And if I can’t—well, I haven’t backed down from a fight yet.

However, as enemies line up to destroy the alien warriors and subjugate the galaxy, I discover that the universe has a sense of humor.

Fated mates are real. And Xelan declares me his.

How can I attain my freedom if I’m tied to another being? Even if his possessive growls and single-minded attention ignite my desires in ways I’ve only dreamed, I cannot be his.

But how long can I fight the pull of a mating bond before I lose my head—and my heart—to the heat burning between us?

Only the stars know.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Playing with Fyre

by Logan Fox

Healing was my obsession… until she walked into my classroom.


Charlotte Ash is bright, young, traumatized, and my newest Art Therapy student.

I’ve taught many people how to conquer their demons through art. But Charlotte’s demons threaten to consume us both.

From the moment we lock eyes, I can’t stop watching her, can’t get her out of my head. She haunts my dreams and awakens my most depraved desires.

I’m addicted to her darkness. I crave her pain.

And I want her in the worst way.

I know I’m a monster, but I can’t bear to stay in the shadows anymore.

I need her by my side. Forever.

But what if my sweet Charlotte can’t give me all I demand?

What if, instead of healing her, I leave her broken… just like me?

Playing with Fyre is the first book in the Fyre & Ashes series, a dark stalker romance.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


by Brandi Elledge

I have been touched by angels. Blessed.

Seven simple words that changed my world forever.

Now, forced to enroll at the Academy of Seraph, I soon realize that my enemies could be anywhere, including behind the very walls that are supposed to protect me. And, thanks to my hidden abilities, I know it’s only a matter of time before I’m forced into a war that I inherited but did not choose.

Then there is the mind-boggling handsome commander of the academy, who is hell-bent on keeping my secret from the world. A secret that could cause me to be hunted by the fallen angels—the darken.

My future hinges on me being able to hide who I truly am—the archangels’ prized possession.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

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