One Hot Ride

by Eve London

Forget the bike – it’s Bison’s heart that’s taking Pris for the hottest ride.

My move to Broken Bend was supposed to be the start of a new life… a life free from the demands and threats of an evil man. Then Bison barges into my house on a dark, stormy night, and everything changes. He’s gruff and grumbly and gorgeous, and as much as I try to fight the heat between us, I’m helpless against it.

I’ve got a plan. Keep my head down and work my butt off until I have enough cash to open my own motorcycle garage. Then I meet Priscilla. Not only is the curvy goddess my new neighbor, she’s my new co-worker too. The more time we spend together, the more convinced I am that she’s hiding something. But now that I’ve found her, I won’t let anything come between us. She’s mine. Mine to protect, mine to claim, and mine to love.

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by Margot de Klerk

All I want is to keep my sister safe, but in a small town on the edge of the wastelands, what can one waitress do?
Two years ago, I danced for the local gang. Now I’ve escaped that life but, to keep the peace, I pass them information. If you misbehave in my bar, you can bet I’ll be telling on you. It doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice until a mysterious new boy comes to town. As I delve deeper into his past, I start uncovering terrifying plots brewing in my small town.
The local gang has always maintained their power with an iron fist, and now that is under threat. But my allies see me as nothing more than a former dancer, and it seems like no one will believe me. Who do I turn to? Ellery, the man who helped me escape the gang, or Bas, the principled but enigmatic new member, who seems to push all of my buttons?
People I thought I could trust are turning out to be enemies in disguise, and people I was certain were dangerous seem to want me on their team. I don’t know where to turn. I don’t know who is a friend and who a foe.
What I do know is this: when the dust settles, the only person I can rely on to have my back… is me.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


That Stranded Feeling

by Nicky Redford

Of all the cabins in all the world, why did the hot grumpy billionaire have to get lost in a blizzard outside mine?

All I wanted was a quiet night in, snuggling with my dog in front of a crackling fire, safe from the storm raging outside.

But now Mr. Grumpy McGrumperton is on my doorstep. And worse—he can’t leave.

So we’re trapped together with no internet, no phone, and no way for me to get him towed the hell out of here.


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Category: Romantic Comedy


Biker Daddies

by Liz Archer

It started with one drunk sext to three silver fox bikers…
And ended with two babies in my belly.

My daddy taught me better.
I should’ve known not to drink too much tequila…
And sext all three of his hot-as-sin best friends.

But Alto, the very bossy VP, makes my heart race faster than his bike.
And Colt is a walking, talking wet dream. One look from his smoldering green eyes sets my panties on fire.
Then there’s Bane… He won’t open up about his past, but I just want to suck the scars off his lips.

Waking up sandwiched between the three of them is a fantasy come true.

But all hell will break loose once Daddy finds out his angel is getting passed around by his biker buddies…
And one of them is the father of my twins.

BIKER DADDIES is a scorching standalone MC reverse harem romance that is guaranteed to get your engines revving. Follow the Prez’s daughter Harlow as she falls for three possessive, older bikers. No cheating, no cliffhangers, ultra-swoony HEA guaranteed!

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by Shea Hulse

When two complete opposites find themselves in a magical world neither knew existed, sparks fly! Fireflies tells the story of a beautiful loner and a handsome recluse who discover that they have more in common than they thought. As they navigate a dangerous new world with unexpected allies, will their newfound connection bring them closer together or tear them apart?

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Category: Fantasy Romance