by Kris Kassady

Izzy and Ramon both live quiet lives, avoiding attention wherever they can. They are living just outside the law, and keep to themselves as much as possible.
Then a mutual friend sets them up, and everything changes…

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Gorgeous twins entangled with their Professor and his sultry Wife

by Donald Dee

John gets tangled up with two twin students, he has the 10 year itch with his wife, although he still loves her & adores her their sex life has become stagnate the last few years. So he gets tempted by a young luscious blonde student then gets surprised she has a twin, but then his wife find out and gets involved. Suspense thriller By Donald D author

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Category: Erotic Romance

Maid’s Daughter & Billionaire

by Izzie Vee

Lily, a young, untouched woman from the poorer side of town, finds herself in a crisis.
It led to her working for a famous, handsome and wealthy older-man, Jackson Reid.
Things take an unexpected turn when he makes the preposterous proposal for her to be his fake girlfriend for an important upcoming gala.
She’s taken aback. She knows she’ll never fit in with this crowd and that she and Jackson are too different to ever really hit it off.
Plus, she’s certain that he’ll never be the one to take her V-card.
But did she really know, though?

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Category: Erotica